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Bogus is not happy. No, not OK, so up to my trash now and I'd like to go back to Friday show because I was on vacation on Friday's show. I was on vacation last Thursday and Friday, and Morales and bogus sh We're able to take over the reins and co host and this was a big deal. Obviously, when the boss is finally green lighted US tow have Morales and Vogue's co host this show when I was out, you know you go back Throughout the annals of the show's history, Morales has never allowed to host the show It was too important of a slot for the bosses to trust more as him. So Kincaid was our fill in guy writer sometimes was a fill in guy J. J was a fill in guy. Jodie Mac was a fill in guy. We've had all of them even way back when Amy was a Phil and hell is where you're doing, Overnights. But now in 2020, this is how crazy things are in 2020. Asteroids, fire tornadoes, and Morales has finally allowed to host this show and not to pat myself on the back. But this has always been a goal of mine. I've asked the boss's throughout the years. I think morass deserves a shot. I'd like that the sound of the show to remain consistent. These are guys that I trust. These guys is part of the team. I want them to do the show. I want them to have the opportunity. And I want it for the listeners because they are familiar with Morales and bugs and the rest of these voices. And so I've always pushed for this. And finally in 2020. I got it. Finally. I got them the break. Finally, they entrusted my decision making to say Yeah, You know what? You're right. Arise, deserves a shot bogus deserves a shot. We want.

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