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So go through and delete a lot of pictures, and she left up the one with Tiger Woods. Ooh, yeah. That's. That is weird. Thirty five years, five years. It's and like, I would understand if it was disproportionate money, but I would assume Polina Gretzky has money from volley right. Right, right. Like you know what I mean? You're like, oh, let's. But then you can do pre pre-nup it just five year engagement. Why guess? Good good that they did that didn't get met while this is this is historic. Obviously you have a relationship issue, obviously, five year engagement. Nobody's engaged for five years and has twice during Asian. Yes, that's I guess that would be a problem. Well, I mean, if you're engaged five years, that's the law physics caught a couple of times. Yeah, if you're gauge five years, you're like jobs at the same. So I will stop cheating. Like three years without cheating every single time. He fucked. Reset the clock with it back to rowing Randy Edsall uconn, coach all time, quote, another football football guy moment. So he's mad as freshmen saying they're soft. They lost like one hundred, nothing at Boise state. They lost one hundred enough to UCF. He says, all freshmen are soft. The reason they saw because when you invite a girl on a date, you know, after pick up the phone and call in the data answers and you have to be, hey, Joe blow. I'd like to invite your daughter a date. Can I talk to Julie whatever you avoid the dad now and you go straight in through social media, Instagram, DM's, Facebook, and he says, that's why ruined soft. Now, I think it's backwards because if you go through social media and get turned down, you're gonna get screen shotted you're gonna put on Twitter, Instagram, you, we're gonna laugh at you forever much tougher. They to talk to dad for ten seconds as interesting. So I think he's got it backwards. I don't think he gets screened shot the unless you're like famous or something. Oh, no. Anybody can and we'll get here. Okay. Did you hear what Tyler said? Dan? I'm just saying he's, he does the internet better than both of us combined Dan. Oh, I didn't do that. Paul and hang everybody. Everybody has access multiple people with my passwords. I don't know who's doing what it's point. Got a little bit. Ability day porno charity account. A lot of people rose us is black. I guess blackout two thousand and ten. Hey ladies. We're going be this place. Nine o'clock come here. You say, oh, Paul, I'm trying to help out the boy. Into Thursday Portnoy is and they post has hasn't really why gases around. Here's the thing I've actually had girls get contact Phakdiporn and they've done it. It's just blatant lies in it's great because the more confusion the more cloudy do get caught disarray. What's real, what's Phages running all kinds. You can lineman out. Yeah, doing all kinds of hit getting hacked a lot like you just kind of tweets for. No, like really, really not. My got hacked on Twitter and they posted. All right, yes. Raising myself a preempt that was back in the day when you had the same password for literally everything in your life? Yeah. Oh, yeah. And you'd like would give us accounts and be like, here's the pats. Password like my does. I just want who signed up. Yeah, you'd be like, here's your, here's your log in and here's a password and it's like, why? Why don't I get picked by? That's our password. Yeah, it's the password. To the number that you can own your whole life. There was a moment in time you knew the password you own day Portnoy stroke. One in the wasn't like a crazy house. Gonna Larry, I actually, I don't wanna do it because I know that password is say. Not say knocking, say. Anything post show. Good to have you here. Tyler. Looking for apartment Roddy you're looking for New York..

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