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Fan fifty two years later and Hope for a great season so It's hard to hard to take tennessee out of the boy. Isn't that right. i don't know why. I'm i'm sensing a connection between oak ridge and new mexico. Maybe i'm just reading things into it. My dad worked for the labs and got a job. It's satellite there was a correlation yet. After the last call i figure and i don't get to watch the show everyday watch as much as i can It hasn't been a lot of talk about realignment especially of texas oklahoma or coming in. Next year's to how the conference will be aligned. There has been enormous amount of conversation about this among us. We haven't really heard anything from the from the the conference she had in the last thing i heard now it's dated for about a week and a half is that they were looking to get away from a divisions but i don't think that is written in stone yet. Gotcha so here is my proposal. Just a big fan of the sec. So i'll try to go fast So i would like to keep the divisions. Because i think that's worked well to the western to visit. I would envision taxes arkansas missouri. lsu a. m. mississippi mississippi state kind of Geographical thing there then for the east. Hold onto your hats. Because we have georgia florida alabama auburn tennessee south carolina and kentucky vanderbilt. A pretty tough visit there. It sounds like So next question. How to handle the schedule So i think having nine conference games still leave you three games to play against others so play every team in your side. So there's seven game so now the other two on the crossovers my recommendation. Kind of how. The sec used to be back in the day but a little different Each year you play two teams of the other side the home and away and rotate through So basically every four years you would play everybody in the league at a sixteen team league and every eight years you would see every team in your stadium with the home and home They're you know. Probably the main thing you know you maintain the rivalries got tennessee bam. You got alabama auburn Georgia florida all those stay the same. The one rival you kind of lose my scenario would be lsu versus alabama Which they would still play each other for years but any thoughts paul i- scenario. Now i think a couple of things. First of all they're there will have to be nine games. Non conference games. Otherwise there's was just no way it's going to be equitable i think-i you've laid it out quite well. If that's the direction. I think there's still a tug of war because you have these rivalries like you mentioned lsu alabama. Something has to give you cannot if you play it if you play three permanent games. Which is another proposal floating around. Let's use alabama as an example. You can't play alabama auburn obviously. And then. which one do you go with the alabama tennessee and alabama lsu and. Is there anywhere else in any way else to do it. So everyone's got conflicts. Texas has problems arkansas. An them so. I think the issue i frankly liked it divisions but i know there's been some pushback To try to do it a different way but right now i have no idea of the permanent games I'm sure maybe remember remembering the day there was six. Scc games back in the seventies eighties. You played five teams the same every year. And then you had that rotating With four other team so tennessee and those days are rotating games are georgia florida. Lsu mississippi state so we could see those games you know those teams twice year one year. Home when you're away then we wouldn't see him again for six years and that's one thing. I'm not a big fan of current schedule. How it's been you know we finally saw am played. Adm it's been a couple years now but we went six seventy years without they were in in the league and we didn't see him and you know he's play. The scheduled didn't make a lot of sense to me intuitively. I was A problem but you know i'll watch. What of can i remember. When i was in school in knoxville. We had a game against florida. It was the first time. Tennessee played florida in a long time. It was a really big too. Yeah cause analysis in every year bribery. Where exactly and plus my scenario brings back a rivalry. That was lost tennessee auburn every year. Was i'll absolutely like many years. And ford ricotta replace but back in those days. Tennessee would play. You'd play bowl games. Sec teams you. i've ever tennessee. Lsu and the old bluebonnets bowl one year and tennessee. Four and the gator. Sure one year and you know. Let's hope that doesn't happen. I'm sure we'll now. I think alabama and ole miss played in sugarbowl once. I'm sure they did and In fact i think. I remember that game too so Well hopefully Whatever they come up with you know. I think you've gotta maintain the old rivalries and also i think in my scenario i think. Lsu in florida played every year for a long time. And you kind of lose that. If you look at the sec games that that schools hate the most you just named it lsu florida nobody Both sides hate that game even though it's not a really nasty great rivalry game as we saw last year and this thanks so much for calling. Hope you'll do it again. Paul l. Will call you off and retire now and i love.

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