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Route 29 to the Silver Spring Metro station in Montgomery County Councilman Tom Hucker says. In some cases, they will even be using the shoulder to bypass traffic. The drivers will have little remote control buttons will they'll be able to hold open a green light a little bit longer? And get farther along and so that that will help all the traffic just moved. More more efficiently. Buses will run every 7.5 minutes during rush hour. John Doman w T o P NEWS GOVERNMENTS. No SALE Order for cruise ships has been extended now till October, 31st. But that doesn't mean they won't set sail this follower winner even if the No sale order is not in effect November 1st CBS Travel editor Peter Greenberg says it's unlikely most ships will be ready. Most cruise ships they've adjusted their sailing schedules to start after the first of the year, and in many cases as late as March of 2021. The cruise ship industry is promising. Robust testing of crews and passengers, enhanced cleaning protocols and social distancing, Greenberg says. There could be a couple of cruises around Christmas time. One or two sales may be in the Galapagos or in the Caribbean. But Greenberg says the cruise lines have been preparing not to sail on Ilott leased the new year, particularly on O w. T o P News. It is domestic violence awareness month across the country and one local county wants you to listen up the ladder on county domestic abuse in response team, or Dart says that while avoiding public places and working remotely make her the spread of Corona virus, people who are surviving domestic violence may be in danger by staying at home. Dart says that this is an epidemic within an epidemic. Judy Hanley of the Loudon abused Women Walter, We have a shelter with 12 beds that has worked for us for 35 years until this year, And.

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