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In wwl news time. I just arriving at our studios from the freeway and still dripping with a bit of snow, rob. How was the driving? Yeah. It would be a good day to be in sweats. Watching Michigan basketball later. There's no doubt about that. I'm coming in from the west side up to seventy five eastbound than on 696. Fortunately, to seventy five very light traffic lease going northbound, would you get to that connects around a six ninety six and then onto 696 certainly a different story much, heavier traffic, and as Murray was pointing out lane changing is tricky lane changing sometimes becomes mandatory to because the lane you're in all of a sudden is no longer a lane, and that poses a lot of problems. And of course, another problem that gets posed out there. There's always going to be a couple of people that think it's a sunny day in June. And it certainly isn't. And when that lane that they are in all of a sudden becomes no lane that creates a problem at almost four. As you at times to drive more aggressively than you really want to because you're fearful of what some of these people doing silly things are doing so, but we made it in safe and sound take your time, take it slow, and they just got to be really aware of your surroundings and stuff like this car, spin out just like that having been t-boned on the side on the freeway. I know how that goes somebody loses traction and bam. They're into the other thing that people do when we tell people all the time about it is don't crowd the plow. According to the road commission for Oakland County spokesman Craig Bryson, it's still an issue tailgate. They try to pass to close they cut him off. And of course, many of our trucks. Now have the wing clouds that fold out from the side that you often can't see from behind. So he ripped to remind people not to try to pass the trucks on the side with the wing cloud. Yeah. Not a good idea. Bryson's says there will be a full contingent of one hundred six salt trucks during the height of the storm with drivers on sixteen hour shifts. Well, it's January in Michigan North American International auto show, that means snow, of course, last night was the charity preview. One of the most exclusive high profile events that supports a wide range of children's activities outside of Kabul last night, though, there were.

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