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We cannot be tune associated with Christie's visit Christie's come to find out more about the wills leading sixty six auction fried says. Hello and welcome to the weekend. I'm Ben Luke. This week we look at how technologies like digital scanning and artificial intelligence being used to create facsimiles of historic paintings. So can new tech recreate the hand of an Master? So this week. I speak to Sophie. Matisse the great granddaughter of are- About following in his anti great-grandmother EMILY'S FOOTSTEPS FOR NEW BBC Film and in a slight twist on our lonely work series. The painter e scavenged tells us about missing the Great Van Eyck Exhibition in Kent because of the Corona virus before we go any further just to remind you can sign up for the art newspapers free daily newsletter for all the latest stories. Go to the newspaper. Dot Com and the newsletter links. Are the right of the page. And while you're there you can also sign up for a monthly newsletter art market. I the latest of which is just out now today and across this weekend series of discussions on new technologies and the preservation of cultural heritage can be seen live and free at the art newspapers Youtube Channel organized by the newspaper and the factum foundation along with our Italian sister. Paper Il Finale. They'll take they'll bring together. Museum directors.

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