Atlanta, Jack Brown, President Trump discussed on Successful Retirement with Jack Browne


F of you are having a great weekend atlanta atlanta's your wrap things up here were so glad that you're here with us for this conversation about you your life and your retirement jack brown is the president at alberton financial the retirement people a group of people that are on your side as you get closer to retiring arf you're already retired into that we've got a lot to talk about when it comes to that issue generation xers twenty five percent of us because i am in that category in exeter genxer as being a millennial that's what i believe he has been seventy percent of baby boomers think there's potential for conflicts when having this financial conversation and we're going to talk about that coming up in invites you to a special event regarding that subject as well all in just a few minutes jack you are born and raised right here in the south are you johnny cash fan yes i am you are in favour johnny castle ever ring of fire that has given a lot of people get more into him win walk the line came out that big movie i love that movie i'm a guy so i can watch movies i like if i'm flip through the channels near is stop and watch it all the time near can walk in and face janelle my favorite johnny cash song is probably folsom prison i i like i like that gritty stuff but love people may not know the johnny cash actually wrote a song in the seventies it wasn't a big it on the radio about taxes everybody's different problems maybe so but i'm a song about one problem to every one of us the us taxes he goes breeze for the third goals a new gore proving that doesn't matter what you do in life taxes johnny cash even got.

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