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Whole story of the tagging this this song will recounted for you you'll all that out he killed her husband indeed it the Tigers thank you so Dr and so under the dance is just great gravy baby I'm all gravy baby right that's a new expression if you just tune in as well big cat rescue founder Carole Baskin prominently featured blah blah blah you're kidding Baba Lupin nut job I started selling face masks with her oft quoted catchphrase Saturday Hey all you cool cats and kittens I know it makes it one of throw up in your mask I think her husband thought himself the Tigers he kicked them until late in the mascots the Levin dollars each incoming blacker leopard print mask you're being sold to raise money to help big cats in two and Richard Carroll Baskin right killed her husband she whacked him center or we're gonna have A. NG mask soon our way yeah six of the day that the growing viruses announced to be over you'll be able to buy a groovy Armstrong and Getty masks at Armstrong and Getty dot com we already have swag at the at the website I did T. shirts and hoodies and all sorts of good stuff us about to go into something corona II but we we just did some important news me tell you this I thought this was interesting so this guy David French he's a Christian conservative lawyer who does a lot of writings with the dispatch other places he is he regularly gets himself involved in the who's the better who's better Michael Jordan or lebron James so either that's an ongoing argument with him and his crowd but anyway he believes Ron James is the greatest of all time anyway he watched the last dance they are the whole documentary and he tweeted this yesterday the last dance is over and I am convinced no not that Jordan is the greatest of all time I'm convinced he did not push off against Brian Russell in his legendary last shot Jordan's right all of Russell's mo main man momentum is to the left Jordan's hand on him is irrelevant he was stumbling anyway I've been wrong for twenty two years back into the left back in to the left he admits that he has been wrong for twenty two years I've been saying that for twenty two years also that M. J. pushed off yeah and he got he got the the superstar call but I haven't I didn't watch the I can rewatch it so they must have gone through this in detail in the last dance it's a fairly controversial thing last shot he sings the last shot wins a championship the last shot of his career rightly arm no no that's exciting but for a lot of people it's been rules clearly if it's anybody else it's a foul now but so I don't yeah you you whiners in Sweden recognizes greatness like this bulls fans here somebody's been saying is a power for twenty two years changed its mind having watched last night and you know I admire that I admire them I disagree with David French a lot but on this I agree with him some people are making plans for summer getaways among other things we can talk about and doctor go Google is almost always wrong according to a new study if you Google some your health symptoms try to figure out what's wrong with you it's almost always wrong I think if you're good at it it's a pretty good resource you will yeah we'll get we can get all that I can give them all away the last few months have taught us what's important life it's also taught us what we need to eliminate or change it's the same for business what are the changes.

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