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National Guard they tweeted out. not the National Guard in Alabama was mobilizing for hurricane Dorian trump was right to say that the original projections suggested Alabama would face the fallout so this whole phony. effort. I constantly degrade the president on matters small and big. constantly smear and mock him in an attempt to humiliate him. is a farce. is a farce meanwhile you have Joe Biden. walking. talking moron. and they find him to be Quainton old fashion and just he's a good guy that Joe Biden you now because he's not never was and never will be. but this whole thing about trump in the her get you even have some conservatives some some never transfers are former never trappers whatever they are today doing the same thing. this is where you can really tell the men from the boys. the women from the girls. you can join in with the mob or you can say wait a minute let me let me look at this. the president would just do something to do it let's take a look at this. and when you look at it you see how rational he is and what he did. and how irrational Stephan Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel and better again Stephan Colbert. an amateur primatologist. Jimmy Kimmel and bets hello I. Q. failed comedian. somehow gets a big show. and these guys have destroyed as I said late night TV where we used to have really good people like Johnny Carson. and others but not these light weights. real light weight Sir entertainment is a job these days. I'll give you another example. more on CNN CNN has a bad day every day we notice sent CNN is a bad day every day. again from the daily why there's a great website. the new Wall Street journal report dispute CNN's claim that the recent Odessa Texas assailant that is a mass murder. his his weapon in a private sale claiming that law enforcement officials have indicated the weapon was solved by no legal manufacture. so what's happening here including with the lieutenant governor Texas whose dancing around now. if we close the gun show loophole. that is private sales or gifs father the son. because in the cousin. those sorts of things this would never happen but it didn't happen. it didn't happen. so the lieutenant governor of Texas is obviously swayed by CNN on the left. law enforcement officials said they've identified a person of interest. they suspected of illegally manufacturing and selling the rifle used in Saturday's mass shooting West Texas understand illegally manufacturing. that's the beginning and the end of it. the Wall Street journal reported this I guess CNN can't read what private gun sales are illegal under federal law it is a crime to be in the business of manufacturing and selling guns without a license. law enforcement officials suspect the man was buying various gun parts to build his own guns and then reselling them. CNN's Josh Campbell former sister the disgraced former FBI director James Comey reported that the assailant had purchased a weapon in a private sale. CNN's Jake tapper who used to be the mouth piece for hang on controlling tweeted the claim writing a law enforcement official tells C. N. N.'s Josh Campbell at the Odessa Texas mass murder purchased his weapon in a private sale which does not require background check. the Wall Street journal noted that the six thirty six year old assailant quote was prohibited under federal law from owning a firearm because a court had previous found found him mentally unfit law enforcement officials previously said he tried to buy a gun in January twenty fourteen but failed. because it nationwide criminal background check system flag the mental health of termination by a local court and prevented the purchase according to the officials. of course the CNN coverage was highly misleading deserving at least a clarification. said David Harsanyi this guy's really sharp federal is senior editor and honestly I'm not sure why this Wall Street journal piece keeps harping on the words private sale when I was in a legal sale from every angle. can a lash commented again a Los rather the good Dana illegal private sale criminal act not loophole Washington free beacon second amendment centric reporter. Stephen can allow ski noted some of the gray areas of the law that apply to this case but clarified that what the guy in the Wall Street journal stories accused of doing is blatantly illegal. it wasn't a legal sale. and a legal man you're fat manufactured in a legally manufactured go. CNN is well known for sometimes disseminating deeply politicized information about firearms rights Ryan including its hosting pro gun control town hall events and running emotionally manipulative segments so they run pro gun control events. climate change crisis events hello but as L. G. T. B. Q. events. kind of a news operation is this the point is it's not. it's not. ready for one more OHL. I'm harm didn't deadly today no no no I mean with facts and information. AT scary over there at the Washington examiner yes I pull these together like a good prosecutor we have a full brief. CNN's Brian Kareem should be an embarrassment to the entire White House press corps now so should the Obama federal district judge in Washington DC. rule that this thug. who is threatening physical violence at a White House press event has a first amendment right to be at the White House press events and his thirty day suspension is unconstitutional these judges are liars. they're crackpots. their social activists. this has nothing to do with the first amendment. our freedom of the press. you don't get to yell fire in a crowded theater. said one Supreme Court justice under twenty years ago and you don't get that threaten people with physical violence in the rose garden either Mr judge. Brian Kareem recently had his White House press pass suspended for a month after he ranted and raved like a lunatic in the rose garden suggesting a fight with a former administration official our buddy Sebastian. this week a judge forced the White House to reinstate Kareem's press credentials this is an outrageous violation of separation of powers this is nothing to do with the first amendment. you could almost feel the world stop spinning at the very moment back in July Kareem got into a cringe inducing shouting match with former White House aide Sebastian guard in the middle of an official event the spectacle should have embarrassed not just CNN we're cream is a contributor but every other reporter the White House press pool. then it goes on. how the hell. as a president. supposed to have some level of decorum. when the press is out of control Jim a cost in this class. and how the hell can a federal judge reach into the White House in on the White House lawn. Intel the president he must do this sort of. and here's the irony one of the army Mister minister. how many cameras are in the federal court house of that federal district judge that ruled that this violated the first amendment freedom of the press. not one. you see ladies and gentleman. our court rooms federal court houses don't allow photographs. a television cameras I think that's a good idea but. how does Mr judge Obama appointee explain himself. that is another branch of government don't the people have a right to know Donna people have a right to watch their federal judges lifetime appointees. Lee not. what if Mister Karim walked into that courthouse and said I have a constitutional first amendment freedom of the press right and did it I've got my TV cameras there and then adds yeah Jacque judge what with the judge say then. he's allowed to be here what about the decorum doesn't matter. freedom of the press you know. I'll be right back. van. six ten W. deviant so we have here on ninety seven point one wash FM he what are you doing Saturday.

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