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For law and order after the police shooting of Jacob Lake just over a week ago. Foxes. Jackman also is live in Kenosha. Lisa, We're here outside the Kenosha County Courthouse, where barricades are in place with a neighborhood that's either boarded up or burned down, and we're small groups of people have also showed up anticipating the president's visit, when I came here to see President Trump and to show that We're supporting him. We all have come together as one as one because if we don't, then we will be forever divided. It remains very quiet here ahead of the president's tour of damage and meeting with law enforcement, the city of Kenosha. Meantime, his destruction from last week's violence is now in the millions as cleanup also continues here. Lisa Jeff. Thanks Joe Biden has a virtual events scheduled on the future of America the day after traveling to Pittsburgh, who denounced violence and blame the president. Or his wife, Dr Jill Biden, launching a back to school tour of eight battleground states, the nation's largest public school system. New York City now delaying a return to class by 10 days, his teachers were threatening to strike over safety concerns. In Mississippi, A statewide orderto wear masks is extended by two weeks entertained weaves announced the policy Monday, but he's relaxing one restriction that will pertain to school sports. The existing camp of two Spectators per team player will be eliminated. But there will be a 25% capacity rule for all stadiums and arenas and despite the season starting up for you, miss football tailgating will be prohibited. Nearly 2500 people in Mississippi have died from covert 19. Fox is Evan Brown. America is listening to Fox News. News Radio K LBJ on Patrick Osborne. This news brought to by Sinus and snoring specialists more than $284,000 in unpaid tolls has been reclaimed by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority through its habitual violator program. Greg Bettman with the data analytics firm Cogen, CIA says on additional 46,000 unpaid fees has also been recouped. So the fact that this program significantly move the needle to me was was quite eye opening really changes behavior but 2000 people with 100 Or unpaid tolls were put onto the program, Bettmann says. Overall, there's been a near 50% reduction individual violators using area toll roads. The city of Georgetown's proposal to let downtown businesses expand out into the street to increase eating and revenue is won approval from Williams and County commissioners. That expansion will begin this weekend. But the city says it's still expects a mask to be worn unless you're actually seated at a table consuming food or beverages. Austin's airport, getting another infusion of federal money. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao's a $76 million is being doled out to airports across the ST Austin's getting almost 11.7 million of that. Chow says the money will enhance safety, improved infrastructure and help get some people backto work. As the economy recovers from Cove in 19 and the tea, ABC continues to conduct enforcement operations, looking to catch bars or restaurants and violation of governor Abbot's Corona virus orders. Reporter What T ABC says Those who do get caught are subject to some stiff penalties for the first offense. That would be a 30 Day suspension of their licence to sell alcohol or the second defense recorded about th e sea that extends to a total of 60 days for suspension of the 1100 inspections conducted over the weekend, 16 violations were found. But Porter says on Ly, one of those was actually found in the central Texas area. Did you look for.

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