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Wiegand onto one off so that way for a half antuna yet so twenty five and then the name as four into i still basin is now. Wow it was like a run out my. That's good okay. What for next season might just copying of this one but firmly to be relegated to the reason that people think bernie won't be relegated just because they don't and it sure gets it right. I was looking at. I think that the free that come up a good What food we'll feel guy. They went down when they did played some good football once they without the manager. And you expect them to go again. They have done before they could play his the probably bringing more norwich billy gill morphing an interesting signing for them already would be a little bit worried about them. but i still think very competitive and then brentford. I think gave you have a look at some of the prices that they've been going off in their matches You know in the championship. I mean the mike about him. Down to the premier league tamie waiting for a wall now whether they can play that same football if they may be lose. Five or six on the troll. Confidence goes the that would be a question but a certainly thing. All freedom will be very competitive. Which brings you boys into. Play is a good appointment or bad one don't know did. He plays quite pragmatic football. Which might actually be better suited than going down the front divorce Previous franz change. Everything i mean. Walls are hostile On inclined to certificate the palace can do enough to stay off and it will be pretty close but only eleven to four and look at their scorn really facing and if if the shown dodge magic doesn't work any stage then i mean they've got the potential to to just go and they really i mean they they never really seemed to spend money I just think that things coming offer a quite good. So if they ought to be They also proved to be good. It makes a few of those you know. Just stay out pretty vulnerable inside. I'll be point polly spoon. They knew calls them. So it seems or lumped together newcastle with students talk of a takeover which i think if you want them to be really it just just maybe white wallet onto the process collapsing And then it was polishing burnley the bigger price. But you know you have a little south Southampton gone down lindsay wounds. Gone down the definitely a pretend jumping for maybe a police openly jeff. I wouldn't argue with that. Okay chats excellent stuff before we go. I'm just gonna get old romantic here is there's there's two minutes of extra-time supply it's it's noon nell and england guy ahead and school the winner in the whole country routes. Which plan do you want to school. That winner aiden perkins sterling. Yeah i saw. That is the sterling backstory. It has britain. Isn't bbc did a bit from his primary school. today you cannot believe a closer is to wembley the art. She's just right there. So that's a great shout mile. Bruce charcoal say i think he deserves sterling. Doesn't so much doubt by people criticize you know in the bill to the tournament not trade particularly well by maybe certain sections of the media and south guys took byman and maybe people were right to question at the start the tournament that he was that he was a definite starter because he wasn't great for c. Towards the end of the season book. I mean. He's lifted his england when hurricane wasn't planned what them i two games he was the my man you know even last night gets the penalty and and you know almost scored. The first goal is whether it was an own goal so if if anyone ksm deserves it well said aydin mark. Well i mean is this. I mean hurricane and then hopefully leave trophy With the national thing. So i think in terms of a back story. I mean what about luke shore often as being one of england's best players i mean marino treated him absolutely have rented the still as popsy now in the media for some bizarre reason. The is bizarre reason. It's because he's a bloody child marina. Well yeah they doesn't radel really my much sense. Sure is i mean he comes across the just the really quiet nice dollar really. Schettino used to stay behind that southampton often play badminton. Women stuff like that. It was it was. It was almost so bullying in the workplace. What was going on when the two together magician you know. He's he's been on monday. Nights best plays season. He's done really well this year. Always and i'm eight. Somebody thought odd. Lots of saint basil hero. If there is to be one. I agree with that and dan on a guy. We've greeley coming off the bench by down wouldn't it. I mean you think about you know. Everyone takes grounded now. You know the route that we've had fro but there's actually a real doubt you know nunu in in the game against the checks where we she going to win the group and then get that you know that nostril auto ended up getting. He puts to go on a plight. There doesn't aether for studying in germany. Game he comes off the bench in game at nearly always invited involved in both does and since then he has really been saying much not really for his own foot rarely so for me the frame to come on and get the winner will be fantastic. Yeah anything you wouldn't want score and it was just gonna say probably This appropriate scots welshmen irish people shouting the radio emotively also before. Thank you so much imp a couple of dates Feeds look at well date so much rising. Both saturday and sunday will be see crammed with fantastic euro twenty twenty phone coverage and as we've already mentioned the new season isn't that far away now and on august third. The mega rice in class big kickoff ubi out free in the racing post edition of that so look out for that. Thank you so much for listening the or it's the full of blige wednesday august the full. Oh we come at that okay. Fine when those full thank you very much indeed for that mark in the meantime having a little break from the post cuss will be back from new season. I'd say thank you to all the guests over the experts but also all the fantastic production. Same all the guys with all their hardware for the price cuts. We've hoped we've enjoyed the post cost this season. We are back in august. in the meantime. Enjoy the guy. That's how we got the result we want..

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