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Games. Bet. Online dot AG. Use the promo code podcast one. Let's go head to head. Alabama Georgia SEC championship. I will be there Texas Oklahoma in the big twelve championship Clemson pit for the ACC title, Ohio State, northwestern in the big ten Utah versus you dub Washington out in the Pac twelve what do we got in terms of quarterbacks versus top defenses. Yeah. We talked about Clayton Thorson from north western big test for him this weekend. So high state and that defense, I know that they've been up and down. You know, we know that they are not the greatest unit that the buckeyes I've ever fielded but still have some NFL town upfront. Chase Yang the true sophomore defensive end. Looks like a guy is going to be a force for them moving forward. Draymond Jones is gonna really intrigues me inside at defensive tackle. So watch those guys getting after Thorson Damodar net and KENDALL Sheffield corners that have been a little bit up and down. But NFL people have their eyes on moving forward. So big test there for Clayton. On the other side. You've got Wayne Haskins going up against the northwestern defense that has some town as well at the second and third level. You know, you look at linebacker. The senior Nate hall and the junior Patty Fisher, certainly a couple of guys keep an eye on in this game. And then the senior corner Monterey hardy I mentioned earlier going to the to the east west shrine game. So keep an eye on those guys on Saturday. And then Friday night match MAC championship game Rossi got buffalo. And we're going to annoy you saw buffalo quarterback Tyree. Jackson big test rim against northern Illinois defense, they can get after the quarterback look at that pass rusher Sutton Smith a little bit under size for the huskies. But guy that certainly can get after it. We'll see what he translate to in the NFL. Looking forward to check in that one out Friday night for sure how about running back versus linebackers. Yeah. We've got that Pac twelve title Friday night as well. And you know, you got miles Gaskin how to big game last week in the apple Cup against wazoo going up against this Utah defense and Utah's got players at all three levels. But keep an eye on Markey's Blair for all the reasons we talked about earlier like I said, he is a throwback guy. He plays both free safety and strong safety depending on the game. So we'll see if he's kind of up near the box against Washington. And if he plays more in Gaskins grill, and we'll see how that matchup turns out, but that's one to watch Friday night. And then we'll look at the SEC title game. Ross the game that you're doing you've got Damian Harris one of my favorite running backs in the country going up against Georgia that front seven now obviously that defensive line but also at linebacker keep an eye on not transparent. A senior was a backup last year. He's got it. He can play downhill he's he's a fun guy to watch because the traits really the big question with Patrick has just been off the field. But on the other side, Alabama's gotta stop that Georgia run game. The Andrea swift Elisa Holyfield, those guys that'll. Eligible for twenty twenty draft. Go you look at Alabama and that front seven MAC Wilson is just so explosive..

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