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Heart that goes into it. It's a place that has soul. The history of home exclusively on curiosity, stream of traffic and weather together on the AIDS Right now, we're gonna head over to the car Keenest bridge. What's going on there, Ted? It's some roadwork. Actually, this is 80 eastbound across the span. The right shoulder and the right lane are gonna be closed until two o'clock this afternoon. So you can anticipate some delays. If you're making your way across that span. Also, we've had next and come in in San Pablo, 80 westbound just before San Pablo. Damn road. This one is blocking the right shoulder And maybe the right Ling just a little bit. CHP is advising. You confined some minor delays, but otherwise you look about the Bay Area Things are looking pretty good. You're next update isn't 7 58 on the traffic leader. KCBS on the KCBS six day forecast, calling for morning clouds today, giving way to sunny skies and breezy conditions. Tonight will be mostly clear, with a few lingering clouds and tomorrow very similar to today. Sunny and breezy conditions. Still pretty strong winds expected in the North Bay looks like Monday all the way through Thursday. It's going to be nice around the bay Sunny skies, things will start to warm up a bit, though temperatures expected to be in the eighties and low nineties. And keep in mind. We do have a red flag warning in effect for the North Bay Mountains today, all the way through tomorrow night at eight o'clock, and that's because of the high winds in that area. The main area of concern is the inland peaks of Napa and Cinema County, where winds are expected to guest anywhere from 30 to 50 miles per hour. Traffic and weather together on the eights on all News, one of 69 and AM 7 40 KCBS Andy Clawson and John C. Of O Shira Thie KCBS editor's desk this morning at 7 50 is our news watch continues. Kanye West.

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