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The snow very quickly making its way off the coast of Essex County, right by Plum Island. Right now, I've seen 29 degrees and clearing skies in Ipswich, west of town, where 29 in Springfield as well 35 right by the Cape Cod Canal. Right now, in Boston at 7 25. It's overcast and 32. It's time for doing them business. And upon further review, Amazon will not open a distribution center in New Hampshire. After all, there have been rumors flying that a brand new, massive warehouse was to be built in Kingston, and it would feature fulfillment Center from the planet's largest retailer. But the news coming after a planning board meeting this week again, Amazon not in the cards. When it comes to work. Some new research suggesting the cove in 19 has been a main source of sick calls as we hear from CBS is Diane King home. The Corona virus triggered a record number of work absences in 2020. According to new analysis from U. S. A. Today 1.5 million people a month called out sick last year. It is 45% more than normal over the past two decades, now paid leave for illnesses expired in December. The Biden administration, though, has expressed an intention to reinstate and expand those benefits. The impact of the virus is taking a toll on a wide range of industries. We talked about that all the time here on WBZ, but it's also putting enormous strain as you can imagine on the dry cleaning business. Don Avery with the National Cleaners Association, says many cleaners are now offering new services. Alterations or washing fold for families because households.

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