Officer, NBC, Turkey discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Harrisburg Pittsburgh and Scranton more than one thousand child victims were identified and it's believed there were many more than that the former Baltimore officer caught on, video beating. Man is facing assault charges more from Tom Roberts Baltimore City state's attorney Marilyn Moesby said on Tuesday that Arthur Williams has been indicted by a, grand jury on first and second degree. Assault charges as well as officer misconduct Williams was caught on video repeatedly beating a man on Saturday he. Resigned Sunday night a second officer in the video is on. Administrative leave as the investigation moves forward atop maker of smoothie making blenders voluntarily recalling one hundred thousand units of two of its, popular designs Vitamix issued. A, statement last week warning customers. To stop using its Vitamix assent and Ventura series because they could cause cuts to their hands you're listening to For, the latest from NBC News Radio and American pastor accused of terrorism in Turkey. Is again appealing to a Turkish court to release him from house, arrest pastor Andrew. Branson is also asking the Turkish corps to lift a travel ban Branson, was among thousands of people arrested after a failed. Coup attempt to topple Turkey's government more than two years ago he was imprisoned in October twenty, sixteen and transferred to. House arrest about three weeks ago the fifty old evangelical pastor has lived in Turkey for nearly twenty five years. Lisa Carter NBC News Radio the FBI. Says crooks are hacking ATM's and cleaning them out of cash. The scam involves hacking. A Bank card processor and using the info to drain. The funds cybersecurity blog Krebs on security reports a similar scheme netted criminals more than two million dollars from Virginia Bank in two. Thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen mayor de Blasio is issuing his first status report on speed cameras in New York and says thousands of cars. Have been observed speeding through school zones since cameras went dark two weeks ago sara lee kessler has more than their says more than one hundred thirty two thousand drivers have been seen putting the pedal to the metal at more than ten miles above the speed limit since the city was her quired to shut off speed cameras in one hundred twenty school zones last month de blasio says that's lethal behavior and he's demanding that state senators and their vacations early and act before school starts in september he says our children's lives depend on it the lawyer for former fiat chrysler executive alfonse aqua bali claims moore executives at the automaker knew about plans to get a favourable contract with the united auto workers union a document filed in federal court yesterday did not name others who were allegedly involved in this game that took over four million dollars from an account meant to train workers acco belly who was a top negotiator for f._c._a. is facing an eight year sentence after pleading guilty to violating the labor management relations act Brian shook NBC News.

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