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The one that's always kind of fun to mention is ah is Will Venable Coach. You know that name will Venable? Yeah, He was a padre and Max Venables kid. He was Max Venables kid in the expendables one of those guys. It's like a litmus test of your Giants fans should ask me if I knew Max Venable. That's what you want. If you knew Max Venable, you were hardcore. Because you know, the Giants weren't good. And he was a bench guy. He was utility guy kind of Sort of 1/5 outfielder, and he just sort of was the symbol of like, you know, I mean, if you walk around a rock in your Max Venable knowledge that you are you are legit and years was he was in the seven is a 79 80 81. Although he played with So without put a gun to my head here. If you look it up, I'm going to go ahead and say he was a man. I can hear Brad yelling at me right now. I'm gonna go ahead and say it was 79. 82 But you tell me, um, I write good knowledge 79 83 did plug. He played 94. You know what Copes? I should have said 83 because Kruk also count him as a teammate and cook arrived in 83. So my bad on that that sets of unease e layup. So he hung around for four years. And what were the most at bats he had in a year? Most of bats get too. He never crested to 50. It's no he did. The most about you is a giant was in his last season in 83 228 on Ly two other times that you have over 100 bets, just hanging it out fast. Career batting average. I'll say to 44 to 41 acknowledged just throwing stuff, and I think he came up after he left because he was he was a light hitting. He was that? Yeah, it came up after he left when he was with the Giants. I think you were speeding defense. Guys, like 1 61 80 to 62. And then all of a sudden here comes his son. And you're like women. Is that Max Venables kid? You're like, Yeah, that's maximum levels. Kidneys in the big and I believe copes Shana to the one percenters. I think he went to Princeton didn't time That's news to me. I don't know. Yeah, Yeah. Will Venable, I think went to Princeton and then got drafted and, ah There are other brother wound up playing football at Boise State and was pretty darned good to on those really good. Boise State teams. His brother, there was a second brother and he was a stud. Kellen Moore seems like recently I want to say here, Dad, I'm goingto like you put a gun to my head. Now here type in Boise State football Venable and see what comes up. Can't rember the gentleman's name. It's not on me, man. I should come up with that It was was Max Venable is he like around the same era is like Gary Matthews. Is that like he would carry Matthews is a little before Max, and certainly more decorate. Also another son, who played a great outfielder Big Steve Matthews. Jim Matthews was that was a rookie of the Year for the Giants in 1973. And it's kind of funny that Sandburg game that you'll one day watch that video I sent you. He's in that game. Gary Matthews is in that game, which is incredible. He was a he was a heck of a player because he was a rookie of the year. 73. And then in that that Sandburg aim is an 80 for he wasn't because he was a cub. Did you look at the Boise State football? No, no, no, I didn't. I didn't Sorry I was I was knee deep in some Max Venable stats here is looking at his 1 88 batting average. As we're on a roll here just can't have Ah, Career homers. Eight. I'm just throwing that out. Yes, And I'm just guessing right now. And what's crooked, Like cruising like, five. What was it? What was Venables? What was told that I was sorry, but I see No, I clicked away Do now you're now you're catching me looking at boys. Look, never mind. I was just having some fun. That's all that you don't have to worry. You know. Max Venable career home runs 18. All right. I sold him short. I sold him short. That's not bad. And Ah, okay. Boise State football. The Venable kid was I'll look it up here. He was playing well, this is it, man. This is what we do. It's all I do is go and Winston Venable. Winston Venable, and he wound up playing in the Canadian Football League had a cup of coffee with the Bears had a cup of coffee with a big hole in the CFL. He play for play for a great company CEO Montreal Alouettes. It's okay. It was an argument. Jonty Loretta and so, Yes, So how about Max's genes? He had one kid in the in the One kid in the bigs and the other kid in the CFL. Pretty on. Good man's pretty good. You think Max would hit hired two for 44? I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I'm listening. Griffen, Speaking of Teammates I played. I played golf with his teammate. Yesterday, the great drank, I pouted out of Richmond had a gun clip shot Richmond Country Club. What a beautiful spot man and people should go over there Because there it's It's the best kept secret in the bay. It really is. You can waltz on in there for a pretty decent number. As versus other country clubs, and it's a great track going on trips. I frequently say USF basketball games in the best kept secret. That's a pretty It's the USF hoops of golf clubs. It is calling that a really good a now and nobody knows like US F. It has a tremendous history where Sam Snead and Ben Hogan played there in the in the thirties and forties. Dude, I mean, It's gonna be legendary players, and it's happening in San Francisco catching a division one game Bill Frickin Russell and Casey Jones played there. I sleep on the heart, right? Jordan's going. I'm going. Really. Albany. Wake typesetting it nicely, by the way, Shannon to type. I know for a while, he he he didn't like He kind of gave up the game because he was he was not playing to his liking. He was so disgusted. But he's found his swing. He's hitting the ball well, hey, was pretty funny. There was just a funny little kip anecdote. So we're on the 13th hole, par five. Dogleg right and Chi Ping. I hit drives. It was one of the rare times I put a drive in the fairway coats. My driver don't even like Dude, I need to go see a shrink or something right now that I know you. I have the driver hips. I got the driver frickin Yepes. And that ain't a good place to be Okay, buddy. When you're smother hooking everything off the teeth, and all I need to do is out on the fairway. I'm fine. Put a 4567 iron in my hand. I feel good. Let's there should know, too. Murph and I played last week. He had this happen a couple times to do. I was hit bad shots to get off the tee and few times. Murphy was the one where he hooks it and he swings and he comes all the way through his backswing. Let's go in the club. What plants like 14 15 feet behind him because he's so mad at himself, and I don't want to throw the club. It's more of a release. But the funny thing is you just stand there and your gaze off into your back's shot for 3 to 4 sacks like soaking it before you decide. I'm gonna get another one because you don't want yet Then you got that key. Next one. I'm not. I'm not playing that working breakfast. Fall on 13. My go to line, I say, What is this?.

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