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In that direction. And the reason is and you saw signs from from injuries. Alturas interest supporters The papers they know what's happening at inter they know the degrade financial difficulties that the parent company soon has faced. They were told that there had to be cutbacks That's part of the reason why antonio conte left but there were also told that okay Hakeem he's moving on and we're gonna cash on hand And that's it. You saw those words from dr Now it's a little more subtle it's not just about not selling lukaku. Also they said if it comes in does go and we accept that we get stupid price for him. You have to sell them We want that money reinvested in the team. And it's not fair that that's going to happen. as opposed to in the money may be flowing back out to the parent company or perhaps simply being used to pay down the debt And that's really the crux of the matter. Their sorry kaku is concerned. He's happy malani news very happy to stay But equally if somebody comes. You know airing enormous Bags of cash And you're talking about an asking price of one hundred thirty million euros. An asking price with chelsea have not yet met but looks like they might lamb. It's really difficult for It's really difficult for injured. Say no and i think can chelsea's perspective equally. They were holding out for early holand. Apparently they feel that that the urgency to bring in a stryker now and perhaps forego the possibility of hole in a year's time as a result Apparently they felt that that was much more Other compelling need right now and hence the move for lukaku which is obviously a guy who spent a big part of his career early on at chelsea installers excellent links with the club wow creighton chelsea. And it's theory am i would suggest a murphy caca. You know all this chelsea nita strike as one of the best in the world was the problem. So you mentioned. They'll they'll maybe decided rather than wait months and get holland. You go insanely kaka. I'm sorry if i'm chelsea and i'm on the wrist the talks that can afford that and i have the money. I'm waiting twelve months again.

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