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Breath. Appeal. We want to do. Have declared that we are. Cry for peace. Mesto Che Guevara and fully three were an opposite sides of the Cold War in Latin America, Greek uncle had been a minister in the Batista regime in Cuba, which Giva and Fidel Castro had toppled in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine Rigas then fled to Miami to block the armed overthrow of Castro's revolution later. He went on to work for the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA take a Varda became the most well known face of the Cuban revolution. In the mid nineteen sixty s give out a left Cuba to try to spread the revolution. Elsewhere, he went first to Africa. And then to Bolivia jersey, the of taking over in Bolivia was that he would be able to have a lounging area sport, the communist revolution to different neighboring countries. And also because he was a very poor country. And he felt that the day was not the mortgage interest in that poor country. But the Americans were interested in what was happening in Bolivia. It was the height of the Cold War. And check out his aim was a Cuban style takeover in America's backyard, president Barrientos remembering what happened to president Battista was scared. He immediately called in American help and United States. Rangers started to train Bolivian anti-guerrilla forces. A total of twenty five American advisors arrived in Bolivia to help out the officer from the CIA to Miami Heat serve you sixteen Avaz elected to go to Bolivia in pursuing sugar via providing capability to the divisional headquarters the area where he was operating. Giga Varda had arrived in Bolivia November nineteen sixty six and had immediately headed for the remote jungle to form his guerrilla army. He brought with him a small but experienced band of Cuban fighters, but though, they had some early military successes against the Bolivia army guerrillas faced an impossible task Cavada's chronic asthma. Slowed them down as they move through the inhospitable terrain, and no sooner. Did they venture into villages in search of provisions or medical supplies than they were betrayed by informers on October, the seventh nineteen sixty seven the Bolivian army ambushed, the guerrillas intervene Guevarra was wounded and captured alive. I was at the time invite you grounding, stalling some ready with mentally believe the on air force. That's when we learned the Varta had been captured you've been very emotional with the prospect of coming face to face with him. Yes. Actually when I learn of that was a big surprise. And. I was anxious to meet the individual so on the following day. I departing helicopter with Colonel Santana. And we learn the right next to the school house where share was being held. We all came into the room. He was tied down the left side of the floor in front of the dead body of a couple of officers that were killed during the operation. That boy is for the Colonel. If I go to get all the documentation to be able to photograph, and for my Gorman, I got a power there worst leg. Komo caller inside was is Jess diary because some medical things for his asthma. Have like a code book numerical code book that were provided to him by red China. The capture of Che Guevara was a huge coup for the Americans and fulfilling Rodriguez a chance to confront his arch enemy later on came back alone through the room. I say I come to talk to you. And he looked to me very arrogant from the Flora's, nobody talks to me. Nobody infuriate me. So that point and said commander, I admire you used to believe in what you believe in though. I think the your ideas are mistaken, I just came here to talk to you not interrogate you so look to me for a while. And they can you untie me. So we untie him. We sat the bench. And that's when we started talking to a job. Could you tell us what you said tweet. Tell us a little bit about the compensation every tied. Tried to ask him questions. There were tactical interest was Willis mile say you're going to answer that they were dying that for example. He was talking really I wasn't paying any attention. And my mind was the man that I did remember from the news because have never met him before that narrow Amang big code red China talking to Moscow in the Soviet Union. And now to see this guy that looked like a beggar, you know, that was impacting me tremendously. Phallic slowed Rigas says that he's instructions were clear the CIA wanted alive. So to interrogate improperly the believe in military wanted him dead. And then they say Mugabe down. There is a phone call from the high believing in command why answered the phone there was a simple co that we have developed and they gave me five hundred six hundred the simple caguas five hundred shape six hundred there and seven hundred give him a life. So I asked them to. To repeat the message came back five hundred six hundred so when Colonel synthetic return from the operational area like coffee, messiahs Coronel these order from your high command. The prisoner five hundred six hundred my orders for my goal to try to keep him alive at all costs. Look at me and say feeling we're very grateful to you this order from my president, my high comment he looked at his watch on say you can't turn away two o'clock in the afternoon glow. I want you to bring me back the dead body shape was twelve thirty in the afternoon. I went to the room I stood in front of you. Don't say commander. I'm sorry. I try my best. He turned wide like a piece of paper. I said is better this way as you have never been capture alive. I have anything you want for your family. I compared the message, and then he changed his wife to remarry and tried to be happy. That was his last war. He approached me, which you can we embrace your stood back and starting attention thinking, I was going to be the one that should him. I left the room, but one thing when I heard the burst. And that's when Sugawara was that take about his body in those of his dead companions were flown by helicopter to via. Randy and put on display for the world to see. There were two thousand people waiting in there. There were four military plane who carry the generals and admirals from the armed forces of Bolivia. And there was light thing aircraft from the from media, then everybody came close to the helicopter would make up growth to my head. I just moved into the ground. So I was not able to be photographed by then Feliks is mission was as an end Checa vodka was dead. Felix Rodriguez continued his fight against the spread of communism and win. On to serve in the US army in Vietnam Checa, Vada became immortalized in photos posters and the music. Really doesn't know.

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