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Support for wsj comes from comcast committed to improving your customer service experience with twohour appointment windows including nights and weekends because they should fit into your life not the other way around learn more at xfinitycomservice what's news from the wall street journal top stories and timely in fact i'm charlie turner in new york guess what bobby flares got cooking it's an ipo flay the celebrity chef on tv's food network says he's planning to offer shares to the public in his bobbies burger palace a fast casual restaurant chain fla plans to use the proceeds of the share sale which he hopes will reach fifteen million dollars to expand the chain in the us and abroad joining us to talk about flase planned initial public offering is the wall street journal's charles passi charles at this is obviously a chain of burger joints i guess what bobby fla feels he needs to do an ipo to go up against the likes of shake shack and five guys well you know bobby fla is known primarily for highend restaurants and those are individual concepts that he will have may be one or two of them um doesn't really look to expand them but he feels in um in this concept he's got something that's very replicable uh that he can really grow not just in this country but beyond a but to do that he needs some some dough and we're not talking the bakery kind um so that's where the the the money comes in and that's where the ipo comes in and uh you know it's funny to he he he mentioned that he has never looked to outside investment in any of his other restaurant adventures this visit the first time right so so this this kind of new territory for him but he decided he wanted to to go public.

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