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The morning drive now in-depth coverage contending with Mark McKay. Significant slowdown twenty five in DeKalb county leaving highway seventy eight trying to get to the I eighty five spaghetti junction interchange, a little lighter than normal circling the city on the inner and the outer loop downtown's been a challenge at times what's left over now or slow traffic seventy five eighty five northbound leading one sixty six to midtown refresh the right out of the northern suburbs in less than six minutes. WSB WBZ news time is seven two. This is morning news, and here's MARCY Williams, Judd Hickinbotham. New from overnight gunfire erupts at the tower liquor store in Atlanta WSB Bill Caiaccio reports. Live a security guard is under arrest. A suspect is caught red-handed stealing liquor. And that's when the security guard takes action shooting the man in the elbow. He then chases the. Firing several warning shots the guard eventually got the liquor back and the suspect took cover inside the tariff theater on Cheshire bridge road the guard is facing reckless conduct charges. Police say he's charged for the level of force. He had to use to apprehend the suspect. The suspect may also face charges. He's in stable condition at Grady hospital reporting live Bill Caiaccio WSB. WSB news time seven oh. Two and new congress faces the same old government shutdown. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington as the house changes hands this afternoon, Democrats will push through funding bills to end the partial government shutdown bring to the floor legislation which will the GOP leader Mitch McConnell says the plan is dead on arrival in the Senate one partisan vote in the house not going to solve anything. It means this shutdown will continue into the one hundred and sixteen congress, President Trump appears to be digging in his heels, it's it's too important to.

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