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Carries a lot of weight and, ah It's incredible how he can motivated team and also find a lot of firing your ass. Hey, get that done, And he's really good at in its natural friends and everybody respected. So, yes, we misses. You know his gun thinking ability, But I know he's an incredible leader to and I mean, I've been in one of our most port leaders. So once we get when we get him back, that will definitely be a huge boost for us. All right. Good stuff. Good. George. We've got George Kittle with us of the Murphy Mac show George. Obviously, a huge missing link this year is the fans in the seats, man, and it can really, you know, affect the outcome of game. Ames in certain cases, defense on the field. That kind of thing got the fans Miss you. You're a total crowd favorite down Levi Stadium. And you know what's it like playing without fans? And if you could communicate a message to the fans, like What would your message two Niner fans be that are dying to get back in there and see you guys? Well, I will say we definitely missed you guys so much. You know, we hear every cheer Um, I know that there was not a better atmosphere than the nephew. Chance of game. That was some of the most fun I've ever had playing football. Um, but even when we do we still feel you guys and we know you have supporting us. So thank you so much for that. No one would do get band back in the stands. We know you guys were compared stadium down, and so We thank you for that, You know, just keep supporting because we'll get things rolling here. We're excited about it. Yeah, for sure doing his thing. All right. Well, then, let's talk about the overall picture than Georgia two and two. So every story is different. Every seasons. Different last year. You guys won eight. No, right. I mean, that was easy. Everything went your way now two different path at two and to just kind of wondering the George Kittle, you know, message to both your teammates and to the fan base about how you guys handle this different road. Nick poses her Rahim's her Jimmy's heard. It's a term in a different bunch of hurdles in front of you. So how do you guys attacking? You know you're right. Every season is completely different. But there's always similarities. And, Yeah, we started eight No last year, but At the same time. I mean, they're not of injuries we had last year was incredible. We We lost our two starting tackles week for starting fullback in the best possible, but he does. And you know, we had a rock solid fullback. We had two backup tackles, and we won like four or five games with that. So you know we have guys that can play angry, deviate on every decision, And so you guys take Evangeline opportunity. You know, that's all season was last year. Every time someone went down, someone else stepped up and that's what we have to count on. Football injuries happen. So I'm not really concerned that I'm just concerned how we respond. Um, you know, And with the week I know where you were two into which you know is obviously not what we want to be Everyone a win every game. But Give me a second. I missed my exit. I'm sorry, but I I feel like I should apologize to you. That's my bad knee. Your balls I got where I was going to say every week different and this is an opportunity for us will want to know And you know,.

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