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Yeah, it was like fruit apple sauce, And apparently, that was a big hit. They just asked for that a lot and then flaming hot Cheetos. Hey, anything that was spicy or tasted, I suppose, tastes different. Good. They liked it. Sergeant Major. I'm sure that you had a pretty fair child with the child holes over there. But there's some just some things from home that make it make it a little easier on the deployment. It really is. I mean, you can complain about the child, but it's a 14 Day menu. So It's good food. It's all you need. But it's just that stuff coming from home just breaks up the monotony of everyday and you get shared with your friends. And hey, look what Mom sent me. Look what my wife sent me. Look. And it's It's kind of like a community where you get to share that with everybody. So it's kind of kind of ties people together, getting that stuff from home in those care packages. Sorry, major Last question. Uh, there's some port. There's a lot of support here in Minnesota for year for the families and for the troops. And of course, we've been talking all day about what Hugo yellow ribbon does. How important is that? You can't stress it enough What the Hugo yellow ribbon did for us over there and all these. You know all these groups back here that it's not all about the soldiers that are over there. It's there taking care of our families while we're gone and It gives you that peace of mind that you never get and you've got the Minnesota military phone Family foundation that they if if a soldier's family members The water heater goes out. For example, they can make a few phone calls and that day or the next day, the Minnesota military Family Foundation has taken care of that, and they're getting the water heater put in for that family member. It's just amazing. You a soldier can't do that. And it's just It's so amazing to see the support that the soldiers in the Minnesota Army National Guard and Air Guard Get here in the state of Minnesota. It's just phenomenal. Discovered down to the ability to focus on the mission and get home safe. Yes, it is. And it's amazing, Sergeant Major Welcome home. Well, thank you for joining us today, and I hope you have a great hunt Sanford on. Thank you very much, Sam. Appreciate it..

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