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The opening of the civil rights museum enjoy it now putting that aside i want to give kudos to our new us attorney mike hurst he's doing something is not the first time the us attorney's office has done this doesn't matter the fact is he's doing it mike hurst is using the resources of the us attorney's office and they're saying here's the deal folks we're going to take the resources of the federal government and we're going to start working with local law enforcement our objective in these a his terms eject crime from jackson well you're not gonna rid crime from jackson or any city for good but it is a recognition a public recognition that it is past time for the city of jackson to be able to do something about the ridiculous crime spree that we've got going on and all the elected officials who wanna talk about well in this area of crime it's down from where it was two years ago or let's compare sale a little rockar's report no let's don't we don't live in little rock rsh report and understand why we have those comparisons but we're in jackson mississippi and the surrounding area brandon flow would parole ranking county in general redland canton madison and madison county in general all pay a price or jackson's crime problem the city of jackson itself obviously and other areas of hines county we pay a price for the jackson crime problem the outlying communities in the metro area have seen over the past several years specifically the outflow of criminals who will go into your area to commit a crime and in a run back to jackson further haven but you still have criminals and crime in your communities in part because of what's been breeding in jackson mississippi i appreciate us attorney mike hurst making it public that the resources of the federal government will be used b at atf be at the usda us marshal service be at the da whatever to work with jackson municipal police department hans county sheriff department whom ever and go after.

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