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We will get to the bottom of this. We will do all that is within our power to make sure that Justice is done. Briganti right? Brooklyn Center Minnesota Mayor Mike Elliott this afternoon after the shooting of a black man yesterday by a white police officer. What we know about the situation. Dante right was pulled over, police said for an expired tag. There's some other complications, and they found that he had an outstanding warrant for a pistol that was not registered. They attempted to arrest MP resistant Officer who was attempting to effect the arrest went for her Taser mistook her Taser for side arm and you had the fatal error boxes. Mike Tobin in Brooklyn Center. The shooting sparked violent protests in an area already on edge as the trial of Derrick Show from the former officer charged in the death of George Floyd takes place in nearby Minneapolis. Minnesota's MLB MBA in hockey teams of all postpone game scheduled for today after the shooting in Brooklyn center. Citing respect for the community. One person has died, another police officer heard after a shooting at a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee. Officers responded to Austin East Magnet High school around 3 15 Monday afternoon based on a report that a male subject as they put it was on campus and possibly armed. Police say when they approached, the individual shots were fired. One person was killed. Another person was detained for questioning and an officer was shot. Fox is Jessica Rosenthal in a statement. Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn said she is heartbroken to hear about the shooting, and she says she's praying for the community. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has arrived in Berlin to begin talks with German officials, and he's scheduled to meet with NATO officials in Belgium. After that he heads to London to meet with British defense officials. America is listening to Fox News. Fox Nation presents podcasts, Women of the Bible Speak I'm Shannon Bream, host of Fox News at night and author of the new book. Women of the Bible. Speak the Wisdom of 16 Women and their lessons for today, where I Examine the timeless stories of women in the Bible. Join me and some of my friends for this limited podcast series as we discuss what it means to be.

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