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So moved that will bring its fleet to fourteen by the end of two thousand twenty that news came as the carry reported a seven and a half percent increase in third quarter revenue here line sees a record fullyear underlying pretax profit of up to one point two billion dollars it's a disappointing message from snapchat these recent shakeup in terms of the revival that they're aiming for has really dampened the absence fortune while it hasn't gone down one user growth and sales slow the even more in the first quarter amid a public backlash parents snap says revenue gains in the current quarter will be even smaller that sent shares plunging and extend the trading ceo evan spiegel says the changes will work eventually hold on microsoft ceo steve balmer says he sold his entire stake in twitter at the milken conference in california and he explained why actually sold my twitter steak so i'm sure i own summit index funds but i did i decided a i'm not really excited has fashion to be an investor great thing to do but probably not for me the price look pretty good bloomberg l p produces a global breaking news video network for the twitter service that's your bloomberg business flash let's get you some breaking news hitting the bloomberg from standard chartered then i cut her adjusted pretax coming at one point six billion dollars the estimate was for one point three three billion dollars so then is a marginal miss you're also looking at comments in terms of strong wealth management that's being identified they're also talking here about transaction momentum in particular here also adding that broad based income growth was at the top of the targeted five to seven percent we're just going through these lines for you cat ratio this is another key one thirteen point nine percent yesterday was thirteen point six percents so slightly higher on that ct ratio and then again you'd still seeing that transaction banking momentum they're talking about macro economic conditions that remain favorable and they're really again yet another pin in a wide board of banks that have been reporting over.

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