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At the age of eighty nine talent agency says she passed away from complications of Alzheimer's disease career, spanned more than five decades. But Katherine Helmond was perhaps best known for her role on who's the boss? Of course. My slogan was much better. Take a book to bed or at least somebody who's read one rec- play Judith, Light's, mother and Elizabeth Llanos grandmother. Mona robinson. The Golden Globe winning actress was nominated for seven Emmys as well she won to for that role. Dear do you have any questions for your aunt Lona helmet? Also had roles on the sitcoms soap coach and everybody loves Raymond. Katherine Helmond suffered from Alzheimer's. She was eighty nine. Matt piper. CBS news hard to watch. That's how some are describing the new HBO documentary leaving Neverland set to premiere this week. Michael Jackson was dogged by allegations and rumors of child molestation long before. And after his death. In fact, Jackson beat one criminal case over molestation charges. Some are saying leaving Neverland could forever change the way, you view, the legacy of the king of pop I think it's going to be a cathartic experience for a lot of people. Matt Zoller Zeitz of New York magazine has seen the documentary. I have never heard people talk about sexual abuse on a platform this wide where it's really just focusing on two people telling stories like usually it's kind of tuck into the margins of some other story. This feels big to me like it feels kinda revolutionary apart. From the fact that it's connected to Michael Jackson, leaving Neverland is being condemned by Michael Jackson's estate in part, they say for not seeking comment from the Jackson family. Chris Edens KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a former special education teacher in Virginia. Headed to prison in the so-called celeb- gate hacking case Christopher Brennan faces a three year prison term for hacking into private digital accounts of two hundred people from celebrities to family members to former special Ed school students. Peter and teaches cybersecurity at Virginia Commonwealth university. Bad guys are really persistent. Technology's always neutral, but if you use a badly, it can be very very powerful. Brandon was the fifth person charged in the so-called celeb- gates scandal in which hackers obtained nude photos and private information actresses, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were among those targeted. Jim Krasula CBS news coming up striking Oakland teachers reached a tentative contract agreement. More on that story. Coming up at the top of the.

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