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Dino anyone who went against their parents advice got married and then a few years later wish they hadn't but tried to prove that they had the perfect marriage well alison booth welcome back thank you very much jen illusion it's such a different book to your last one but the fact the title of your book is a perfect marriage and the main character sully lachlan well was she in a perfect marriage sully lockton certainly hoped she was and she did her best to try to convince herself she was in spite of the evidence the evidence so certainly because we started the very beginning with her husband jif dade and a little quote from a perfect marriage by sally all i wanted was some piece for charlie and me but there was no guarantee that that would come easily this touch of guilty it was up but you'd better tell us who is charlie charlie is sally's daughter charlotte who is when the novel the present time in the novel begins is in awkward teenage years she's seventeen coming up for the final exams and she starting to ask or could questions about her late father yes well saudi always wanted charlie to have a proper live in father and she also says from the book i couldn't bring another child into the world not with a man like jeff so what has sally always told her daughter charlie charlie about her father she has told her that he died in unfortunate circumstances but not the precise circumstances search she's concealed quite a lot about a father enter marriage and her and involvement in it she's been living alive for many years and it's been like she had no understanding that finally this might catch up with her challenge just about to be sent a whole lot of letters and photos from about her father from her step grandmother and sell is very worried about what child think about these letters sully has got a best friend she's very different korea she's very different looking she's she's many very different in many ways but she met zoe in the most unusual circumstances she did indeed and i'm not sure i'll be able to reveal what they are but they're the most unlikely pair of friends that i think you could have meat but on the other hand they united against a really strong set of circumstances which have to do with the death of sally's husband yes and it sort of does come out that know saudis very much the professional she and she knows how to research so she's researching battered women and she what she finds out in the research papers because you know she doesn't actually go ask anybody about it she researches now the quote battered women at twice attacked first by their husbands and then by social workers who says they should have left their house spends and she reads about social david's and one does way the she should be punished for her choice oh now here i'm going to ask allison to actually read from her own book and it's when it's win sally and jeb have gone to visit great aunt grace and great aunt grace recognizes sellers problems so this is in the car coming home what about you jeff said are you happy with your life i'm sad about celia but other things are okay what charlie and all that i found it impossible to say what he may have wanted to hear that i was happy with him i was unhappy with him but also suspected one could never hope to be completely content in a relationship i certainly didn't want to tell him yet about the idea of doing postgraduate work it seeing that under longer had the ability to make up my own mind about anything but waited passively until i was told what to do was it fear of what his reaction might be or was it a lack of character on my part well over the ten years since gips dave sally is got on with alive and she's now mid somebody she's made a biochemist and she feels completely different about him and look this is such a change of rioting in allison boosts book a perfect marriage because this is as she's a biochemist and she's met anthony blake i watch antony watching me i'm at the mercy of my chemistry now isn't this what attraction is i can almost feel anura transmitters making connections what shot body here come menara millions what out body dopamine adrenalin and serotonin are on the loose never have i actually heard about this attraction in such biological forms and this is anthony blackfish as sally's got.

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