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Yet no i know uh e but but what we're trying to say is we're recording episode where that there is no time like that yes you know what i mean sure yes times plus circle we've seen through to active just came out yes half i fake his second season just got done airing wasn't as good as the first lynch ian wright almost lynch ian so he'll since is evergreen win this airs we won't want people to like know exactly what like what time it is and things like that we're talking about where we are in yeah sprang which i think they just green let uh the showtime revival of twin peaks excited now that's going to be cool excited for the that should be dumped them so get why why would we do with this guy uh good i dunno by the time this airs he could be the frigate ear wolf himself you be the mayor catherine yes he could mean cal for his it'd be his maher gaz and and at that point then we may not want to have him on here in and saying some of the stuff that he says which is like yeah let's face it inappropriate nasty yes dirty filthy pervious gummy yucky gross yes i i've just bed this guy and already like some of his hand gestures and like will heap up is certainly show me a tattoo that he has and the tattoo is an aero.

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