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Sang. With matchless style on. Classics like think I say a little prayer and her signature song respect and. Stood as a cultural icon around the globe has died at the age of seventy six from, pancreatic cancer Howard Kremer author pop culture. Expert and former curator at the rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland joins us on the KOMO news line to try and sum up incredible life Howard thanks, so much time it's no. Easy task but give us your thoughts on the. Legendary Aretha Franklin, well, I use, one of the great talents this country's ever produced arguably one of the great talents the world has never produced she is A mount Rushmore of. American music Talk about Aretha Franklin the person we certainly know much about her music fortunate enough to be. Exposed to it over the decades what was? She like in more private settings if you will Well she she was very guarded about her private life but she's not really people, who made fodder of her personal life or celebrity purposes and for the media she was she was a. Mother of several children should ever really talked? About her family She actually became a mother very very young She had a couple of rough times with one of her. Husbands who was a manager, roughed, her up In public that being said she also completely took control room career and she became Perot manager Her brother had been prior to his. Passing she determined, what music she wanted to play she determined what the arrangements were She, was really in control of what you wanna do she was a a truly self-determination woman as, I mentioned off the top you're the former curator. Of the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Where in nineteen eighty seven she became the. First female inductee talk about that Well it, was pretty obvious who the I would have to be when when that happened the the the, issue that goes without his you know eighty six Artist Fourteen. Artists they were kind of a rush to make sure that a lot of people who were deserving got in that doesn't take it away from Aretha Franklin Career far exceeds the notion of just needed doctor the rock and Roll Hall of fame her artistry Is really something to, behold and by that measure every artist? Every singer at some point going to go through their mind think how would Aretha Franklin do this how how do you make your own Before we let you. Go how can you talk about she seemed to seamlessly make. This transition from gospel, to saw to pop and clearly not everyone who had chart that similar, course would be able to pull it? Off certainly not the way she did No it comes down to command commanded knowledge and respect she knew what the art work she could balance it all because of. The vast well talented.

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