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We like to call Marsh, Ville makes you become a member of the patriot section for last can live. You could see all the videos of that tree that fell with all the pollen and everything on it and that'll be posted here shortly. And speaking of shortly and calling us here at the station on the phone with us right now is the CEO of the people for the ethical treatment of Shane on the air with right now. We have Shane Shane, how are you? Doing awesome. How are you? I'm doing well. So you, you got your new mattress last time we talked the people for the ethical treatment of Shane if you would like to donate to his cause gives a brief one more synopsis of, of what the people for the ethical treatment of Shane involves. What is synopsis main? So now says means a brief description of what your project is. Oh, okay. So what I'm trying to do. I've started an organization. You heard Peter right people for the treatment of animal. Yes. So everybody pitches, a fit for anything animals should be treated ethically. Don't get me wrong here, but it's an animal can be treated ethically soak enough. This is I agree with this guy so people at my employment. Treat me like crab just just people treated me like crap in general. So and one of the benefits you started this program and people have donated to the your cost for the people for the ethical treatment of Shane, you could still do that through our website and you're. Able you had bad back problems, and you were able to purchase a mattress based on the people who donated to your, your cause and how, so give us an update at. How many days have you had the mattress now? Oh, gosh. Maybe two weeks now is it really only two weeks? Well, yeah. Maybe maybe three I and my number one what you want what you got from the for the people for the treatment of Shane, I got the a. Puffy. P. U. F F Y. Yes. And n how is it? It's very puffy. Are you still satisfied with your purchase? Yes. Very satisfied purchase. And it's it's very good. It's comfortable. I mean, I've got still got back issues, but I really haven't been long enough again, until you don't sound very satisfied because what I said before you can still have back problems, but the bed will actually help lessen the pain that.

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