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Of that who was Dan the bottom line the budget and young Yod rice seven number two in Nashville sand. I think it will roll forward. I think it will be the ones obeyed are thinking more. If you're running in Cup next year. It's a noise and in rice. No. And I'm going with the Spade horse here to bit of value Juku trying on the track just then get more in the ROY spot and run really well Juku us, they guy very good Josie is yet same Rice's Josie. And you wouldn't believe it separate selections to you know, she was talking about that Santos nitsa love team, busted and then young. I've really e- mocked these countable they bringing a strong team that she that whole code Mike Mikey can he's paying gowdy gets the blink zone. Remember on DIVY was five dollars into three dollars ninety eagle held up at a volatile stage at the four hundred meter by. And he couldn't go on with it. And that stop diminish tracks. He was put at mentioned that he's playing gal. The blink is go on. He's drawn a little awkward. You got five fifty to find out there, folks. So make it count for me rice seven Miramar for me this horse of being prompted these rice all join because he can row food mirror. Mary still prince over twenty four hundred and that was a genuine tested sand. And then he went through to steal prince at Bendigo, you know, he's one scene steal prince. He's Frank that form he's at two runs in. He's ready now he's proven at the trip. Fifty five kilos roles full, Jimmy winks, fourteen Maroney and sweets needy. All I'm happy to forgive these holes. He's last up because he wasn't able to get rolling at packet. Emmy jury one you got in the book seat, and he wasn't able to get rolling from the five hundred three hundred when you watch the replay. Now, we beat del Swinton. And he can't view two runs back. Those Willis's has since going on the one if Dell Swinton and camp view in this rice, that'd be pretty short sweet snitty five dollars fifty familiar, and I forget, that's a Tory full. He ran behind last homes being Frank with satori coming at and winning f limited look at that five fifty eight hundred three selections there..

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