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Would he go through? Okay? It was another guy who did nothing but Delta Blues and I was the generalist. They'd pick us on from here and a song from there. My first couple of albums sound like maybe Six different artists. We're going to run out of time. And we could spend so much more time with you, Tom, but I wanted to get to this particular question that album cover back in 1965 with you and the brown suede jacket and the tank ward arise, clean faced with a cigarette hanging off your lip. What would you say to that young Tom Rush Now, if you could quit smoking, I quit on my actually on my 30th birthday. All right on, uh, tricked myself into doing it. I You can't stop. You can't stop until your birthday. Because you want to keep smoking until your birthday and I was really resenting that and when my birthday came, I just stop. You were sick of it back. Good for you. Less very, very quick question. Asked this because Kerry here is Playboy's Miss September from 1990. I made a living doing doing new portraits for a time. The guitar naked lady is their story that goes with that. Oh, yes, of course there is. I bought it. I bought an epic phone Texan for, uh, $179 with case brand new. Uh huh. In Cambridge in I forget 1964 5 and I love the guitar. But it occurred to me that I started dressing it up. I got some mother of pearl inlay around the rim of the body and then It occurred to me that I should do something on the neck. And I asked this young woman and in town who did brilliant inlay work. Could you do a reclining nude entwined with the snake? It's a biblical theme. Of course. Uh and, yeah. And she did, And that guitar became known as the naked lady. And it was, uh She She had a following of her own fun. You know, when the road manager road manager would yell to the stage, and Tom wants the naked, leading urgent heads would turn and I'm seeing. I'm seeing a ton of those all over the place by the way. It's kind of become a then she burned up. The original naked lady burned up in a house fire. Oh, and I was having a discussion with Martin Guitar is about doing a time rest guitar. Uh, we talked about the wood and the size of the neck and blah, blah, blah. I finally got up my nerve and said Can we have a naked lady with a snake on the neck? And thanks they never called back. Uh, but then this company McKenzie and Mar in Canada called me about making it time rush guitar and I right away. I said naked lady with the snake. They said Sure, no problem. So they made it was made 300 of them, But they're all sold now. Wow. They're all gone. But I'm still played. Play one on stage and have another one at home. And people can see it at the city Winery and in Chicago on September 29th wonderful. Uh, Tom, Thank you. So much for Tom rush dot com is the website and that link is up on our Facebook page at playtime with Bill Turque and carry can thank you so much as such an honor to speak with you. Well, thank you. It's been a pleasure. Mrs. Voices will be right back right after this. It's too much for the mind, but your heart can understand if you're still quiet. Eckhard Express has been serving Chicago wary authors and readers Now for more than a decade, We published more than 70 books are in print and helped dozens of other authors who the scary maze of self publishing. If you've written a novel, memoir or nonfiction book, and you aren't sure.

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