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I'M GONNA put my foot on the scale. I mean boldly said that he is coordinating with the White House. How can a juror coordinate with the defended? You find his corrupt you think he is he infects people. Was that why you don't hang out with him. I don't think we have much in common as well as you say. There's there's much to keep track of here and it's certainly certainly true that as we're going to be covering tonight. The Senate appears ready to dispense with traditions. That it's held for a long time. Apparently bowing trump at least some Republican senators. We're GONNA get ended that Congresswoman Karen Bass staying up with us. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me on. We turn now to David. Corn Washington bureau chief for Jones and the author of Russian Roulette. Maria Theresa Kamar Presencio has NCO Voto Latino both analysts here. David what do you think. I think it was historic day. As you noted the only president who's ever been then impeach dry almost impeachable go to the House floor in his first term and I think a lot of the screaming at least for the moment is over. I assume there'll be more. We get to the House floor but having sat through those hearings for several weeks having been in the hearing room for many of the days it was very dispiriting to see Republicans begins. Just come out and flat out deny reality. You could argue whether this was impeachable gets to the level of the ultimate political punishment. But they would just come out out and say it didn't happen there wasn't a quid pro quo. There was nothing wrong. He never he didn't even ask the Wenski to investigate anyone or Biden. All those things are untrue. So so now this SORTA re- reality distortion campaign. Disinformation campaign on the part of Republicans. At least has a pause and I think the public can. I don't think there's going to be a lot out of persuasion. One way or the other but at least can reflect upon the fact that things have gotten to the point where the Democrats felt. They had no choice as you know in house. Democratic leaders were not happy Roach into impeachment throughout this year but they felt they had no choice on the basis of the facts and the evidence they brought to baroness career. I think the fact that they've brought this to bear was because they recognize that if they do not impeach the president if they do not sound the alarm our election integrity haggerty is still vulnerable to foreign interference and is that the Democrats are trying to do is recognize. Make sure that the public recognizes that. This is an ongoing criminal investigation that if the president does not feel that he's going to be repudiated he will continue welcoming foreign interference. What I do everyday are is trying to get people all to register to participate in to vote? And if they feel that their vote is not be recognized and not being respected that undermines the underpinnings of art democracy of participation their their choice to go forward is not small and every single person should be watching what the Republicans decide to do on the Senate side the Republicans the job according to the Constitution on the Senate side is to hear a trial to be to be impartial and to listen to the facts that is their job. The fact that Mitch McConnell Right now now is saying that. He's going to do a dotted line of whatever. The White House says. Shame on him because he's abdicating his duty he's abdicating what the voters are expecting a true public servant to this country. David I'm curious as we watch those hearings Washington as a place where you can't take a lot at face value so you had a lot of Republicans publican's in those hearings wanting the country to think that this was some sort of farce on their uniform and opposed to because that's their political incentive vignette. There may be some who privately resent that the the president brought them into this mess and then if they have to do this type of defense of the party there may be some. I'm who secretly think maybe it's good that Donald Trump's getting a hard time of it although they can't obviously admit that to their conservative base and then there's the president and his aides themselves David who very recently were claiming and it would appear to be lying in saying that impeachment would be good. It would be good for them politically. Bring it on that's sort of fake bravado. And now you have this reporting. And it's backed up by Donald trump breaking his own record of tweets ever and a day as he lashes out the angrily. I mean he's not he's not longer holding back and pretending not anger. Let me read from this interesting times. Account that says Donald Trump's nursing this resentment over the red mark about about to be tattooed on his page in the history books as only the third president American history to be impeached no matter what some of his critics say advisers. I said he genuinely does not want to be impeached. Viewing it as a personal humiliation. You think even in private the article continues. He accepts no blame. Expresses Regret Gretzky rails against the enemies. He sees all around him. I don't know if you've finished Succession David on HBO. Yeah yeah no spoilers spoilers but there is a scene where you see someone who's hardball person hurt by someone else hardball and they. At least take some pride in the fact that the the person could finally stand up and you have to wonder if deep down Donald trump who takes no blame whatsoever is looking at his political opponents and and understanding. Wow they're actually standing up to him and he says he feels feels humiliated. Listen we've talked about this in the past. Donald Trump is pathological narcissist. He does care fact the only thing he cares about is how he is seeing. That is how he believes. He is seen so one reason. He's in this impeachment. Imbroglio now is because of the Russia's scandal he tried to get Linski not just to look at Biden but investigate a debunk conspiracy theory. That said Russia did not hack the the election to help donald trump and it was Ukraine and it was all craziness because he knows his presidency is tainted and has and is it. It has a partial degree of illegitimacy because of the Russian intervention that he refuses to acknowledge. He can't even talk about protecting this country from another possible attack. In twenty twenty a partial or anybody else apartment grease is that issue of illegitimacy. I've never heard you be so restrained. David as an IT straight be somber but my point is that he does care about these things and this is serious seeking trivialize it as petty partisanship but it is serious. And you know the historical record the current record which will become. The historical record is clear for anybody to study what he did. And what the people around him did. And it's rather damning already and that's even before we find out what the New York has an Rudy Giuliani and all that all those other people who are working on trump's behalf Maria I wonder if you could speak to the way David brings it all together. which is a history now will have an inflection point of? Oh what did people do to stand up up to X Y Z. And how did the system work. And when and how was this president who did so many things that defied norms and literally has multiple. The adviser is incarcerated right now some things they did for him Michael Cohen. Some things they did for the Ukrainians and Russians wall working for him. Paul Manafort who lied and it may may or may not have been for the president would seem today of all days along with any House vote next week is an inflection action point where history will take stock of what exactly happened and who stood up to this president and this is. This is the challenge. Our last impeachment with a tablet impeachment. It was President Clinton being impeached for sexual relations with a consenting adult. This is completely different. This actually has the vulnerability of the republic on its hands and for Republicans to sit idly by and basic trying to wash their hands as much talent pilot pretending that it's business as usual. That is not the case ace and when we start talking about the real Russian interference to dismantle our democracy. We should all have not only are hair on fiber. Also be incredibly saddened when when Fiona Hill spoke to Congress and she said that she was both angry and sad. I think she was talking about so many Americans right now. There cannot will that are staring in disbelief relief regardless of party to see president to see a a whole party not standing up for our values and it is the Democrats that are doing it despite not wanting to because they know that there's an election in in the horizon they know that it seems incredibly partisan. But if they don't do it then they are not standing up to the rule of law as determined by the Constitution. This is not small. Not Small at all David Gordon. My thanks to both of you coming up. We have a deeper dive.

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