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Breaks the tackle from the security 20 down the middle to 10 the sides of the one and they converge on them at the goal line. Pull up your pants. Take off the brawn Be a man Kevin Harland, describing that streaker who ran into the field. The guy has pleaded no contest to trespassing charges and agreed to a year probation. Which includes 100 Hours of community service. $500 fine. Letter of apology to the NFL. I would love to hear that letter that he writes. Yeah, stupid could probably come up with something That would be a dear and F l sorry about the bra. Aw, Pull up your pants. Take off the pawn B a man. I'm their NFL sora Rude your Super Bowl party, right? Exactly. Sorry about the Ralph. I don't know about you, but I think he's getting off kind of light. What do you do to somebody like that Hide hours of community service, So he'll be picking up trash, huh? 500 bucks. Mhm. And dear NFL, right? Sorry. I was a Jerk. One set of one set of society said he broke the law. The other set of say, how do we get a hold of them? Have you at our pardon? I was gonna say money, saying it might be worth it. Yeah. Well, I would pay the $500 to see money streak. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Alright. That supports update. Uh huh. The F W stand Bongino. I'll be coming your way this morning at 11. Now it's the shape Morning News with al Jay and Bryan Estrin on Newstalk 8 20 w B A P W b a p dot com You see the way we're looking at stories that are trending right now, Do you see this story that involved Michelle Cummings from Houston? Michelle? No, I have not seen them. Michelle Cummings. I don't I don't even know who she is. She was in Annapolis, dropping off her son for induction day at the Naval Academy. Okay. And she was sitting on the patio of her hotel. The graduate hotel there in an apple. If you ever been to Annapolis, you know this hotel, the graduate Hotel. All right, Um, and while she was on the patio of the hotel She was struck and killed by a stray bullet. They say she was an engaged parent who was all in for supporting her son's athletic dreams. Her son, Leonard, coming to third. Going to Navy prep and was a football prospect. Uh, and they say apparently there were multiple shots were fired on Pleasant Street there in Annapolis just after midnight on Tuesday the intended targets of the shooting. Were two people sitting in a parked SUV, both of whom were unharmed. She was not the intended target, but she was struck at least once by gunfire. It may be more than once. The story is heartbreaking when you think about how this travel from Pleasant Street to the elevated graduate hotel patio. And she wasn't the target. That is just so sad. I mean, you do everything right to raise a kid and get him into an academy. That is a feat right there. Yes. Oh, this just breaks my heart for this. Yeah, And then you know that poor kid too. I don't know His mom is not going to be. How can he go on? Yeah, you know, you know, it's good to have a baby. It's going to be a bad memory. Annapolis will not be a bad memory. Surprised if he still wants to go there. Scrape. I hope they can catch them, but they won't catch it. Well, no, I think they're close. The feds have chipped in 20,000 bucks in reward money. 2000 bucks have come from locals, and they say that they're getting close on the investigation because of video. That it is so good. But still though, that doesn't bring her back. How close is the graduate from Mama? Is it close to campus? Yes. Right by campus. It is okay. Yeah. That's the thing about you know, the three academies are so different. And then you know you've got beautiful air force. Yeah, You got West Point tucked away. You know that you've been to you have to go find it. Yeah, you could walk out of the gates of the Navy Naval Academy. And in the block here in downtown Annapolis. Yeah, you know, so it's just a totally different look. Hmm. Yeah, man, you're like, how does this play? That is so sad. You know, I hope they hope they catch a Texas connection, too. By the way, she's from Houston as I mentioned, so, yeah. My God just crazy. The death toll in Florida's residents 18. Uh, in the counter that you saw they pulled out two young kids. How? Yeah. Uh, they found their bodies. Uh, this could go on for a long time in California. Yes. Do what in 149 remain unaccounted for. Wow. And I said, there's there's different numbers one says 18. Once as 12, I think we're waiting to hear. From the medical examiner on a couple house. So yeah, and several days ago, the number was 150 missing now and if they find it if they have found 18 more bodies and still 149 missing. The numbers don't add up. They may have realized that there were more there than I thought more there than what they thought. Yeah. She? Yes. Coming up here at 6 45 this morning. Only 10% of unemployed are actively doing this. And people stopped doing this during the pandemic. The question is, Will they restart? Is it playing golf? No, It's not going on. Yes, we'll get into that, though. Coming up next after we check traffic.

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