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The monsters of the Greek Canon have terrified us for centuries the Sphinx. Punish those who answered her riddles wrong. Cerberus snarled with his three heads. Hydra terrorized those who ventured in the water but more terrifying than any of these beasts is the thing that made them typhon also called titus or typhus among other names is known as the father of all monsters he and his mate the snake woman. A kidney are responsible for populating Greece with some of the most famous adversaries that storytelling has known born from mother Earth herself. Jia and Tartar us. A personification of the underworld typhon was both a God and a nightmare while he was said to be part man. His body was twisted combination of creatures. His legs were wriggling mass of coiled snakes his hair was matted and dirty immense wings stretched from his back and his eyes burned literal fire typhoons grotesque form provided many terrifying defenses. Some stories say he possessed multiple heads and a war cry so terrible that it could stun his victims others spoke of dragon heads in his arms. That would spit poisonous venom onto his opponents typhoons first appearance in Greek mythology comes from around the eighth century BC when he was briefly mentioned in homer's Iliad in the seventh century. The Greek poet he said expanded on. Typhoons Legend in the theology and epic poem that explored the origins of the universe and Zeus triumph. Over the titans key seeds poem depicts Typhon as a primary antagonist for Zeus. Who's trying to restore order to the cosmos under his new rule? Typhon represents the antithesis to that order. He's a being of pure chaos with no motivation. Besides wreaking havoc even typhoons appearance is all over the place as though his form was created as an accumulation of our worst fears he was a shepherd of fear and chaos created for the sole purpose of destruction.

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