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Well finally time to take the gloves off the patriots open tom brady kenny hand them a victory this afternoon against the jaguars wbz's charlie berge this year i apologise where the three hours gyari very clever that was good the chess match begins at three o vibe art with two teams who have their own strengths jacksonville's best in the league rushing the ball and the patriots have struggled stopping the run their 20th in the league patras secondbest in league throwing but jacksonville is number one defending the past so it just comes down to who adapts best both teams are in the top five defensively in points allowed the bolt on the top five and scoring and the winner today goes to that winter mecca minnesota for super bowl fifty two two weeks from today i argue charlie sports coming up in a few minutes the government still closed i'm tom foty the federal government shutdown is in today to now so far the partisan divide has not been resolved democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer here we are on the first anniversary of the president's inauguration mired in the trump shut them republicans branded the schumer shutdown including the president's own eric trump you a twenty nine republicans wanted to keep it open in two hundred thirty democrats wanted to close at nova that trump wanted to close government i made his and make all i had to me and i'm pretty good a map he was on fox news tom foty cbs news washington social security checks will be delivered during the shutdown so will the male but if you're a tourist in washington dc this weekend tough luck ford's theater where abraham lincoln was assassinated closed this guy has an idea when the government's payroll stop for other federal employees i feel that the senators and congressmen should be a working nights weekends over time without pay until they resolve this a revelation at one of yesterday's women's marches details coming up in about five minutes wbz news time 603 it's traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic.

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