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Everything that should go your way is going to go away. All right. We have our legal analyst, Ryan Smith in studio, and just a couple of quick minutes here to give us some of the legal insight into the contractual language involving urban Meyer at Ohio State and how that may impact where this ultimately goes. But I want to get some NFL news in here this morning as well. And for that we bring in shefty NFL insider Adam Schefter and schefty reported along with field Yates that Seattle receiver, Doug Baldwin might miss the entire preseason. Now with a knee, what have we got? This is problematic greenie because essentially, this has been a lingering knee issue and Doug Baldwin is the type of player tough guy that he is trying to fight through this injury. But he met with doctors who said you don't need surgery at this time, but you do need rest. So it's time to shut down this knee, give it some time off during training camp and then reevaluate it later this summer. Now doctors at this time are hopeful and confident that Bowlin will be able to return in time for the start of the regular season. But that's if there's no more setbacks and that's if the rest does what it's supposed to do. If it doesn't, then it becomes an issue for a Seahawks team that needs Baldwin as much as ever Earl. Thomas repeat of this morning on the players should Byun that he would like a new deal or he wants to be traded. Clearly, he's using some very strong language. We already know that there's not a legion of boom defender in training camp in Seattle for the first time since two thousand nine and now to not have Doug Baldwin for the remainder of the preseason basically is a no setback for Seattle team. That seems to be a reset mode. This season shefty much is been made of Carson winces workload or lack thereof during eagles can't is this really a cause for concern lower. It is not looked the Philadelphia Eagles at the start of training camp laid out a specific plan for Carson Wentz, and this was a part of it. They don't wanna rush Malone and so they held him out of Lebanon eleven drills for three straight days now. But Doug Peterson himself has said publicly, it's not a concern. I think the eagles believed that Carson Wentz right now is head of schedule. Joel, and as a real chance to play in that Thursday night, regular season opener against the Atlanta Falcons. But anytime course is going to be rested. Coming off a knee injury. That doctors initially said, could sideline him nine to twelve months. People get concerned, but I'm here to tell you it's part of the plan. There's no reason to be concerned. Carson Wentz continues to be a head of schedule shefty. We have the bears ravens hall of fame game tonight. What are you looking forward to more Lamar Jackson, everybody's looking to seeing Lamar Jackson tonight. The ravens first round pick the best thing that he's older in the summer is pushed Joe flacco into having the best camp the he's add as the ravens quarterback. But now tonight, Lamar Jackson gets on the field and we get to see what he will do now. I don't think flacco is gonna play. I think orgy three, the ravens backup quarterback. At this time we'll one-up starting the game for Baltimore. Lamar Jackson will come on a short time later, play quarter, play a half, and everybody knows how electric was at Louisville. Everybody's looking for him to make some of those same plays tonight. As the NFL preseason kicks off, everybody will say tonight, boy, can't we see football and it'll take about a week or two greenie before says tired of preseason the regular season. That's exactly right in annual right of summer. Thank you. Shefty we'll check in and reminder that Saturday night is the pro football hall of fame and treatment ceremony. You'll see it on ESPN two star studded class this year. Randy moss Ray Lewis line or locker, Brian Dawkins, you know about the t. o. thing. It's Saturday seventies stern also on the ESPN app. So you can watch from anywhere our top story this morning house state head football, coach, urban Meyer placed on paid administrative leave as the school announces..

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