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Doesn't say you know, we were talking about we wouldn't want something like this to affect her. Do you know something that almost affected a fighter can't say? It was our fault. But I'm sure we would've felt bad do us. No RDA after he did the interview with us how to blow out. Yeah. Tired of the interview was it. It was it was during and I I recall there was a part of the interview wherever you sound like he was distracted by something. He repeat that again read that again. But that's when he had a tire blow pulled over finish the interviews after RDA said he was going eighty miles an hour. He was going eighty miles an hour. And when he took the call, I think it's actually Daniel focus, Danny call them. So he takes the call. And he goes, oh, I'm about to do the interview with junkie. So let me take it down to seventy and he said he moved to the middle lane. And so that's when he got the tire blowout. He p feels that had he stayed in the fast lane, whatever blew out his tire wouldn't have happened because he wouldn't have switched over to the middle. Therefore, the blames on Daniel. Guessing Benjamin button where the an accident, and they they replay the day and how how the accident happened like wolf the mailman wasn't late for his route that. Holy plot. Intersecting intersecting. Final destination. That's that. But think about how many times people close in your live a boyfriend a girlfriend had you not been in the certain spot that that may not have happened. I don't know. All right. We got to get another break listening to radio on Sirius XM fight nation channel ninety three. Stay close. We'll be back. We got Jesse. Jesse here in the house was..

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