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Bob Cerise am morning, DJ 7 39 would like to give you extremely local news. We call it as well as all the other news and from black Club Chicago here. Shame is to me. Good morning, Shamus. Yeah. Good morning, Bob Happy Friday. Yes, sir. And I really think that this is a story worth mentioning because you can't have enough classic Jewish Delhi's and even during the pandemic. This place is expanding, aren't they? Exactly. We bring you daily news this morning. This is Stein Gold's of Chicago. It Z been in the North Center neighborhood on Irving Park Road since 2017. But it's doing it's doing well to the point where they need more space. So the owner Aaron stand, Gold tells us he's They're in the process of building out of brand new spotted 37 37 north South port, which is easy to remember, because it's two doors away from the music box theater right there in the South Court corridor. Yeah, let's see. So they They have been in the neighborhood for a while, right? Yeah, they? Yeah, they've been They say it's about a 20 minute walk. So, uh, you know, just the neighborhood next door, but, uh, they basically said, you know, it just wasn't the current site wasn't suited for the way the business is now they needed a little bit more kitchen space so that they're now building it out, too. Three times. Actually, it's Vegas. The kitchen spot. It's gonna have a little bit more focused on take out on delivery as well, Obviously to adjust to the times, But, you know, I think the real plum of moving this location is once we do. Get through this. Once the music box reopens. They're gonna have a lot of nightlife on that little stretch there. If people are familiar with it s Oh, they're gonna expand that to a dinner menu as well to cater to the Folks in the neighborhood there as well. The folks going to the music box so all their old favorites will be on the menu. They're not going to be shut down. It's gonna be there opened for the second week of February to actually move into the new spot, so it it's exciting. And you know, we're always we're always happy to see prohibited places that I found a way to thrive and even grow. Despite doing all this carry out and delivery only Can't wait to head up there for a movie and matzo ball. And this is a story that is really nice. Once again. You've got folks rallying to help somebody in the Tell us about this. Right. It's a story that starts poorly, but But you're right. It, eh? It's got a happy ending. At least it's headed there. There was a collection of donated school supplies, medical supplies and lots and lots of brand new shoes that were that were rounded up for just for folks all over around Chicago that could need him that some of it was intended for for homeless people is well. They were being stored at a closed school in the Bronzeville neighbor. Good and they're in the process of moving them to a to a warehouse to get ready for the distribution. It's someone or some people broke into the clothes elementary school and made off with most of the stuff, including about $40,000 worth of these donated brand new shoes, So it's a real shame. The group's name was saved. Money saved life, and they put the word out and one of their big supporters Chicago rapper Vic MENSA, who Said. Always in the news, doing good things for the city. He stepped up. He's organized a fund raiser. Um, it's online right now, and they're trying to get $10,000 to really get back. A lot of these supplies. Among the missing items were 300 kids coats. A swell is other hats and scarves and gloves. So Vic MENSA started this Don a fundraising campaign platform called Lift Cause there's linked to it at Black Club Chicago dot or g'kar, but he's trying to get $10,000 and I just checked before we went on. And he said about 8000, so people are really coming together, Tonto, right a wrong here and then re stack this this warehouse so they can do the distribution like they planned. That's great Block club should go dot org's for more on that. And finally, we have an interesting Chicago history story about Edgewater Hospital. Talk about this famous right. You know, I drive by at the old Edgewater Hospital lot, and and I, too, have wondered, you know what the heck is going on? There? It was. It was once they really fancy. If it could be a fancy hospital, this was it. This is in the Edgewater neighborhood right there. A National avenue. It opened in the in the twenties. It was head of the beautiful Salieri. Um, they said Frank Sinatra used to hang out there back in the Edgewater Hotel days as well. Um, but it's really had gone into disrepair after its original founder had died. It got to the point where there were some huge medical fraud going on there as well. In the in the late nineties, some of the Owners of the place and the go to jail. They're doing unnecessary experiments on people experiencing homelessness. So it was really turned in the house of horrors that closed down and then, um It. You know, it went into such strange disrepair. People used to sneak in there and take pictures. And we've got some of those on our site as well. And true House, of course, But local couple like me was wondering, you know about the history of this place. So they launched the podcast just on Sunday. Uh, then it's gonna be they're gonna have about seven different episodes coming out. I'm sorry 11 episodes coming out every Sunday. If you just Google. If the walls could talk, you'll be able to find it. There's also links to it on our site, but it's really a fascinating look at just how a sort of a staple of the community could could go downhill so fast, Um, some of it still standing there. They've knocked down a lot of it, but it's still a work in progress. They're turning some of the old buildings into condos. And, uh, this couple Todd Ganz and Stephanie Young that really just trying to document the history of a place that once was so important to the community, and then it became such a horrific ice or that they're trying to just make sure that it's It's history is documented before it's knocked down for good..

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