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If you're a corporate recruiter right now like i don't hardest role in town defined right now is a really good tech recruit corporate tech recruiters are the hardest thing to find in town right because first of all there aren't many technical recruiters and that's what everybody wants right yeah so if you are feeling if you're working or if you're working at a small company and you're like i wanna i wanna go work i'm making it up at ps commerce best buy target or dorothy or wherever like there's opportunities for you well that's the thing is i was talking to somebody recently about negative employment in in certain roles would you put tech recruiter into that sort of thing that that negative unemployment thing but yes so first of all the the dice just had an article in the last week or so going into the bureau labor statistics they went that now the employment rate for technology professionals depending on definite one point nine percent it's been under two percent minneapolis it's twenty march twenty ten the recruiting yeah probably like it is it's just it's just hard to find someone who can talk to a technologist either technologist level or at a human level either or right translator in some cases and and someone who has some empathy who can beat advocate for both sides like it's hard what normally happens during a recession by the way it happened in the last one since it was a financial crisis almost all the people who became searched for recruiters had been in the mortgage industry sure because it's actually not a major skillset chain.

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