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Hour. It's a win win for you. WTO DNews everything you need. Every time you listen, 9 53, great to have you here. The cherry blossom season may be over, but we have some more blossom news The first ladies of the U.S. and Japan planted a cherry blossom tree at The White House today to mark their friendship between the two nations, First Lady Jill Biden, and yuko kushida, planted the sapling after a visit with President Biden in the Oval Office because she does on a rare solo visit to this country. It's the first time the spouse of a Japanese prime minister has traveled alone to the U.S.. It is no secret most Washington commanders fans want Snyder to sell the team and evidence of this settlement can be seen with how quickly a brewery just down the road from commander's headquarters is selling its new India pale ale that features a farewell message to Dan Snyder. It's Ken has a picture of a hog with a burgundy and gold helmet and the beer is called by Dan. Chris burns says his brewery old oxbury and Ashburn Virginia is making them to celebrate the impending sale of the Washington commanders. While it has some tropical notes, he says. The style generally has a natural bitterness to it. And we thought that that was appropriate to celebrate what we're considering 23 years of bitterness that we've endured over the Dan Snyder era. And they're selling fast. We sold out of the first batch in one hour and 15 minutes. And I work on batch two so far, no orders from Dan Snyder, he says. We'd certainly love to send them some if he's interested. Mike Morello WTO news. Now, two other bits of commander's news we've learned that the NFL is digesting the offer from the Harris group and we'll have more about that. We hope in the days to come. And loudoun county leaders are now actively and publicly pursuing the commanders to build their stadium there. County board chair Phyllis Randall's chief of staff is telling 7 news that the waterside mixed use development would be an ideal area for a stadium. They say off two 67 at the fairfax and loudoun county border, Randall's offices, they think it's a better spot actually than what was offered once upon a time in Prince William county. They say it even has better access to metro. Despite what the chair is saying, there are mixed feelings on the loudoun county board of supervisors about any kind of stadium coming to the county and how that may impact traffic. They say crime as well as local taxes. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. Now it's 9 55 is going to rob wood fork. All right, let's start with the NBA

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