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Data protection better before we start a quick disclaimer that the views and opinions expressed are not neagle advice. So let's get started. Hello and welcome today in the fit for privacy. Podcast we have a special guest a special guest whose duda protection officer in one of the largest transportation companies in brussels belgium to person has expedience defining and implementing quality service and privacy management systems. Also background in project and change management. It process design and reengineering. So essentially if you're talking about the person who has very good insight into operational aspects as well as the legal and privacy aspects. I'm talking about jennifer saleh. Who is the dp in in brussels. So welcomes jennifer. Hello thank you for inviting me. Thank you for your introduction tanks so it's such an interesting role that you do in transportation industry. How did you get into privacy from such a diverse background about project change. It process reengineering qualities. Seems like you're done everything. Well i don't have a classical career cuts. i'm quite interested in a lot of things I when side. I love you know. I'm elliott dr abidine the same time i'm privacy minded so i don't really like when Everyone knows what. I'm doing where i'm going and subtract so i'm the kind of social media and to give you just one example. When he beats came in europe. I was just a fun of it. Because i was doing sports in west so great and then i discovered that was kind of earthquake in two thousand seventeen and gather data of six million people. So i find that very creepy so action it a been my view on tech and then i heard about the new regulation coming so i said this is really something slowly and now it's become a job in my passion that interesting and i think talking about fitbit.

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