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And I didn't even think for second that you might be full of shit. I'm sitting here thinking about how they can even survive the force of the launch not even thinking about why they would cram so many damn Chihuahua into one shuttle damn you, Dan Cummins. Sorry. Not sorry Dylan. I love that you were left wondering why why in God's name is nasty cramp twenty-six. While couldn't you put like one or two big dogs. Like, what does that even proof next update is to let you damone area suckers? No, some good is being done in your neighborhood. Just over week, Chris. Tomorrow's wrote in saying Hello. I'm a loyal listener of time suck and newly-born spaces heard my wife Elizabeth, and I just saw your show in Des Moines. My wife is twenty nine and has Sarai psoriatic. I didn't prepare for this word serve psoriatic. I believe arthritis which acts a lot like rheumatoid arthritis. She was diagnosed five years ago when getting the standard check about she hit her knee on something. And the swelling didn't go down for two weeks. We've done this walk two years in a row, and this will be our third year last year I held raise money by setting the goal of five hundred dollars. And then I would cut my hair at the time. I had been growing my hair for four years. I had a pretty big fro-. But it was for a good cause when we saw you last year, I just cut my hair into a double mohawk this year. We're trying to raise seven hundred dollars for team the flare bears. It would mean a lot to me if you could mention this on an upcoming podcast. I copied the link here. Just in case. Thank you. Ve. Everything guys do with this podcast remember to keep on suck and loyal spaces or Chris tomorrow's Well, Chris. Yeah. Thank you for for sending that influent. Adding that linked today's episode description, thanks for that damone show so much fun, by the way, good on you for getting out there and doing some good in the world. Hell Nimrod hopes some damone area sucker show up with that walk because we saw quite a few that night. Lot of lot of suckers in Des Moines. Interesting moon landing Nazi update. Now coming in from time sucker Adam Jordan's Dodd who writes, dear suck masters premium. I'm Colonel listening.

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