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At. I thought they were going to be absolutely terrible. And they're less than terrible so jalen hurts. Look good is he gonna keep it up is he. Gonna flounder. i don't have a lot of faith in him and not like dallas young that have a bias name here. dallas says no not worried at all swayed. Jp says they have two thousand seventeen. Get that now. We don't so tom. Are you worried about philly. I mean are you losing sleep. You are pretty peaceful when you think about parents still but this keeping up at night. Let's just say. I'm keeping an eye over my shoulder switch Riderless ny will be my. That's mogollon use that one to watch out for danger We don't know for sure it was this this just the opening week. A fluke weirdness sometimes happens for them. To blow out the falcons at badly. Are the falcons really that bad Do they really have their quarterback situation solved. It's all a lot of things to find out. And i think they they might be more of a than washington at this point just because washington is now without their starting quarterback whether although there is as mentioned kind an open question if that's really just kind of a lateral situation rather than decline so we'll have to find out with them. I'm going to wait to see the the interesting thing is a. We get a really good test on them. in san francisco. I was going to say this week with san francisco. Definitely more context. But you're right. Yeah we get to see what happens. This week against is believed to be a good team. We'll get two weeks three times. I i know there's a reason you're excited about three. We'll get there shortly. I promise Tony your thoughts on the eagles do you. Are they the second best team in the division. Now because it's now hard to be better than the giants i mean. I personally thought philly was the second best team coming into it. I did not by their fitzpatrick hype. Like talked about and i talked about. So where are you at on the eagles You know for me. it's your week. One is always leaves a little more question marks than answers. I you know. I think atlanta would be very good this year. But i didn't think there'd be that bad so you kind of looking at it and you're saying okay. Is this more indicative of how the philadelphia eagles are gonna be in two thousand twenty one or more an indictment on how atlanta's going to be so you know not the jump ahead but like they go to against the forty niners. They go week. Three against the cowboys. And then they're playing the chiefs so they're going find out how good they are. Tonys let's go you know they're gonna there's a real chance that is good. As they looked weak one they can come out of the first month of the year. One and three so you know and then we're talking about is really the worst team in the division jalen hurts. You know so you know i am the answer. The question I was slightly impressed intrigued by the way they played right. You know intrigued and you just looking at it and say okay lay makes it. They're not as bad as i thought they were going to be. But you just how good are they. I guess we'll find out next week and we'll definitely find on week three. I think you'll like this answer. I think they're just good enough to give them hopes before the cowboys ruin them. You know what i mean like. They're just that good. And maybe they're even good enough like i think they'll lose on sunday san francisco. I think you all agree if we can get head nods here. I know people are listening to this but they all nodded their heads. And so then. It'll be a nice humbling to drop them below five hundred in week three and then again. I think they're plucky. No pun intended to kind of be cute in the mix for that third now that there are three and a second year of it wild card spots and then in week seventeen cowboys are we eight. Excuse me cowboys. Just take care of business. And their playoff hopes. Yeah gobs forever needles forever. Tha that would be fine tom. You have been dying to talk about this since we kind of put together earlier today. Authorized to you i. It is tuesday. We will do these. Live streams every tuesday here on the blog and the boys youtube channel. Podcast them as well So tuesday is the day that comes after monday. Look at me. i'm smart man. I knew that which means monday night. Football was last night the first flight on monday night. Football this year in two thousand twenty one. I feel so bad for steve. Levy brand receipt and louis riddick. Because i don't know anybody that watched them on monday night instead. Everybody chose to peyton manning. Eli manning at a weird point in time charles barkley. Ray lewis was there travis. Kelsey jabs kelsey actually might think he's on. The couch thought that they were playing the chargers this week. So there's that and russell wilson tom the manning broadcast has been credibly well received and they will simulcast the cowboys eagles game in week. Three which is on monday night football. I have a take on this. But tom go i well i found that one of the it may be the best commentary i've seen because they weren't sitting there giving us the play by play. Which if if you're like me sometimes you get irritated because the play by play guy. Just get stuff wrong and down distance wrong and so he got six yards in the guy actually got eight yards and all that kind of stuff and they were just sitting there dissecting stuff and doing beautifully and telling hilarious stories along the way and not holding back. When they saw bad coaching they came right out and said that was a horrible decision. How can they do that. And and just the reactions. They were showing the emotions. The when when the Would a car through that Interception in overtime that looked like it was going to blow the game for them. Very actions was the reaction just horrified. Eon manning peyton just disappeared because he been put his head between his legs. That was such a great courage. And i want to hear them. Talk about the cowboys. Because i will believe what they say among that prescott and what they'll say about jalen hurts and what they'll say about the coaching and all that stuff because what they said was so credible and made so much. Since the first time out. I was stunned. I actually found myself starting to like ally manning because he he knows better than i ever dreamed aloud in a be you know. I'll never.

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