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Join us on the show Pencil performance sign, and as you just heard is we came back. Steven Jackson, former NBA player is in the news based on to Sean Jackson's comments, now remembered to Sean Jackson. The Eagles wide receiver went to social media where he posted a clip. That was to quote that was incorrectly attributed to Hitler. But he didn't know that in the moment he posted a post that essentially was agreeing with the very anti Semitic take that was attributed to Hitler from that to Sean Jackson has come back and apologized in the Eagles have come out made their statement. Steven Jackson has been very vocal, and he was initially vocal in support of the message that the Sean Jackson was trying to get across and in fact yesterday, double down and he doubled down in an interview. With some very disturbing statements. You saying the one that just sticks in my brain? Mike is they all owned the blacks and they're all on the banks. When he's talking about the Jewish community. This is obviously a very staggering statement. Come from anybody when you hear they all And What comes with that, and the connotation is always a negative one. And when it's framed in this kind of conversations, it's the kind of stuff that just reinforces years of bigoted views. Years of stereotypes that people throw out there that created negative perception that are the basis of all this anti Semitism that we all stand so much against, so it's extremely troubling to hear from someone In Steven Jackson, who had been such a positive force in the Black lives matter Movement. Everything that's happened since George Floyd's killing all of these things in this person that had meant so much in that regard you Khun tell Ah lot of people would be disappointed, angry and upset if anyone had said it, But I think the disappointment is even higher because someone that everyone looked at He had been a colleague here. He worked with plenty of people. He's been very prevalent in a lot of MBA circles in the media. And so when it's someone you know like that in a scene do good in other places to see someone get it so wrong now is really troubling. So we're joined now by El Duncan SportsCenter host Also, you can hear on the intersection on ESPN radio on Thursday nights and l for anybody that doesn't or hasn't been listening to me. I'm first take your take. I feel like over the course of the last couple of months in the world that we've been in. I've tried to lean on certain people that I just know are incredible. And their their core is amazing. And their heart is amazing to help me get a better understanding become a better personnel has been at or near the top of that list for me. So I love the fact that we can have this conversation with you Well, because It shook me yesterday. Tio here Steven Jackson's comments, because when you see somebody that has been trying to do so much good in the conversation about George Floyd come out and say something that just felt so awful and racist in its tone. It was jarring to me. What was your reaction? Yeah. Uh, well, thank you for what you said. First fits and hago, Joe. Thanks for having me on I was I was disappointed for the same reasons, you know, because not even trying to do good. He's done so much good. You know, he was sort of, you know, unwittingly pulled into this movement because it affected his friend and he has risen to the occasion and and become sort of this. Voice in vocal leader for one of the most, if not the most significant movement towards racial equality in our country, and it feels so sad. I'm just so disappointed. I'm disappointed because That legacy that he had created and Bill is so solid now because you cannot In an effort to to uplift your own community, just besmirch and dehumanize an entire other community. You know, it's incredibly dangerous. This rhetoric is so dangerous. There is a reason that anti Semitic hate crimes are on the rise. There is a reason That hate crimes against Asian Americans are on the rise against immigrants against the LGBTQ community against all of these marginalized communities, and that's because We have allowed it for too long, and especially over the last few years become so prevalent in our society. It's like, Oh, yeah, well, that was stupid, but we just keep it moving, and unfortunately It's not that way. For many people, Many people are emboldened by that kind of speech. And that then turns itself into into hate. And whether that hate is relegated to just Twitter or not. I mean, we just had someone A couple of weeks ago arrested for trying to blow up you know, a Jewish retirement community like this is it's incredibly dangerous and wrong, and I just he he should know better. He should know better because he is fighting for his community and to stand in the way. It's one thing to not be an ally, but to stand in the way of another communities. Fight for equality is just so off the mark. And I think Elvis that's worth noting to is the platform matters and a lot of this. We just got done dealing. Also with Kelly Leffler, part owner of the Atlanta Dream, Coming out with a lot of very anti black lives matter, comments in this one as someone in a figure in the figure in the public who's going to influence a lot of other people and continue to add disinformation to a conversation that makes it all the more difficult In this one. But because Stephen Jackson was someone we trusted so much in the other way, it's tough. And in all of this, Alan so how much you know in the way of a nobility for redemption. Should we levee in situations like this? How do we go about trying to allow someone that had built up so much?.

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