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Of that character. Why I get it, but also like if we're like what we've seen recently the Spiderman. And all that apparently, they're gonNA, try to sinister six thing may be. Own finally member. Michael Keen's character returns the vulture in the second one with mysterious when they're both in prison. I not seen one yet, so okay. Sorry Spoiler! You're good bud disco. It's absolute my carnage movie so. I mean unfortunately. She carnage GonNa pay chef and I found someone to read maximum carnage with me on the show God. It's not a good comic. I know it's. Weird. But I kinda of want to wrap up where this this this Ark and this is an after orange gets arrested. You have man who ends up going back into the ocean to go back to Atlanta's new like that scene, and there's your Aqua Dogs Santa Mira as I commend water. Dog. And you do have a brief like a a little like Stinger. Saying how they're putting the suicide about the suicide squad. I can't remember what Arcos next. Justice League read the whole thing, but it'd been years, but the forever evil are. We are definitely got the read on the show especially. If you've never read it, be five to read it so. That I kind of want this last issue of the story to wrap up which I didn't think was very good. The epilogue which is it has been king now. It doesn't say how long, but you can tell. He's been down there for a little bit of some whalers who have Atlantis, weaponry and the ends up going on their vote and kicking their asses, because they're killing whales, and that's kind of cool, and it shows him commanding. Commanding the army, and how people don't trust him. Army doesn't really trust. The humans don't trust him. Because of what happened I mean that's kind of cool stuff, but I I didn't really care for it and then it also shows you bill in. That's really fucking stupid. That's after this art that I can't stand I..

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