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The blood within the brain the procedure involves removing a small segment of the skull itself and then evacuating the blood bringing it out and then putting that flap of go back and Mister Turner has suffered several falls this year his pastor says the former press will to serve that's greater than his will to give up US Supreme Court heard arguments today in a challenge to Dhaka the Obama era program that protects immigrants brought here is children from deportation CBS is Jan Crawford this morning president trump tweeted that if the Supreme Court overturns Dhaka a deal will be made with Democrats for the dreamers to say that is a deal that has eluded Congress though for most of the past decade tomorrow's the day open hearings begin in the house impeachment inquiry representative Adam Schiff says he expects the first public hearings to be conducted with the seriousness of purpose and love of country that they demand Schiff says in a letter to colleagues at the hearings will not service venues for anyone to further what he called the sham investigation of the bidens or continue any to bump conspiracy theories about the twenty sixteen election interference Schiff says in the letter the American people in the constitution deserve nothing less bill right caught CBS news Capitol Hill new developments in the case of a Connecticut man facing charges in connection with the death of a hotel worker in the carribean hotel CBS's Errol Barnett the government of Anguilla today confirmed to CBS news that it is seeking to warrant for Scott Hapgood they say will be circulated throughout in a poll and they now consider him an international fugitive all because he did not appear.

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