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To me. That's pretty awesome. And as far as i mean. I am certain will get black widow to. It'll it'll be the blonde. That's fine but we're gonna have the entire record it's going to be integrated with whatever molina. Who is the iron maiden in the comics does with vow and the dynamics that we're building 'cause we're building a bigger universe that's the thing and it is going to be what it of shield was supposed to be which was all these different pieces always moving sometimes moving in different directions and the cast is what's gonna make for a good universe because you know that's the thing when we get she'll when we get a fourth wall breaker into the story line It's gonna be its own so it's going to be its own thing. It's going to be this idea that you know what the rules of time and space are not uniform and things are going to happen that are going to change our understanding of the universe but the universe is going to have to continue. And you're gonna have to have people that are gonna have to just sort of say. I don't remember that it's going to be like in that sense again. Things like low key and wanda are prepping for that reality. Were sometimes you might have some vague memories of libya machine and you say we'll tell you though the previous machine never existed. There were no such thing as the baron. Steve bears were always the barron stain bears. And there's always gonna be someone trying to tell you a different story but those timelines existed and it's because once the tv is broken. All those timelines exists and they flow in the grind into each other. And whatever we get we'll get and maybe in one of those. Natasha comes back or something else. And it'll be something beautiful and grand and we're all going to be very excited to see it. Go back though you walks if as well because they sat those like twenty years ago. And that's what you know to be fair. That's the advantage of animation. They can do all that dialogue. Once script you start they give just keeps live. Action is mobile zombies. He has well. you know. And i'm still waiting to find out what's going on with the marvel zombies. They say that that's tied to the. There's something going on with the marvel zombies and it seems to be the implication that they're gonna be building a new avengers in the what if universes so there's a lot that marvelous doing for our phase five or whatever the do i also i also like they step away from the the super soldier serum 'cause they seem to be handed out like you can buy from the shop all people they can wrote the super soldiers home. This is one of the things about whether or not red guardian face. Captain america in the eighties can do super soldier serum it. It works for about a week and a half before you go nuts. I mean for what it's worth. We saw the super soldier serum in jessica jones with newt. And the idea that. Oh yeah i know it works. It works for you know until you start you know we we. We're trying to figure out that formulated right. Something on it. Yeah you know like we we. We can come up with these great airways but you know eventually. It doesn't work as well as we would like it to in the long run so we will always have super soldiers. Because it's easy you know it's it's and that's the thing about science what you create these things the relatively easy to replicate if you figure out what it was that did it at least on a halfway scale. That's why ford it's worth. Marvel comics is littered with gamma mutates because lever. Oh well you know what. Obama has this weird power we just get just explodes enough people to gamma problem with just the right chemicals. One of them's going to be a hawk. Now the problem is is that well now that we have a whole. How do we control it. And that of course this web competing evil organizations like some mandarin and the ten rings are going to be pushing back against evil. Innovations like hydra. And you're going to get into this dark world where you're gonna have a dark avengers. A mandarin agents of atlas and a leviathan. All pushing their superheroes against each other and the dark avengers are going to be the heroes by the faults aright. Let's cut in there. That's going to be a great united there. I cut it like ten minutes ago. It's cut it there okay. That was good revelation bautzen. You've been words. Hey thank you aren own. Send us your thoughts on black widow. Everything that everything coming up in the mcu mls capes lunatics at gino dot com or. Call the voicemail. Six one four three eight two two seven three seven. That's six one. Four thirty eight capes and remember to find all our social media youtube the patriots and the merch all linked tree. Lan t. r. e. e. slash cape and lunatics. And please remember soco support things southgate media groups. Allocate media group dot com. Check out the southgate meeting group patriot on go pick up pod life. The bulk now digital and paperback and pick that up on amazon. When you do use the link for southgate needed group right down there in the show notes. Help us support this. Show the network and that's brainwashed. Man himself rob mastered southgate. Make it rain so says master do mark. My words okay jamie. Where can people find you and your shows while you could find me on social media on twitter and on can thing. We've ghost ghost. Heads you k- podcasts. And also stall was one as radio. Free endo at Now just put the latest episode downs. The might be a little bit of time. Different Next one now 'cause my pc went up in flames. So i'll be doing everything of this lot of now on your freak pharmacy social media radio frendo or go said uk. If you're insights listed on social media right mas manzoor you've been doing a bunch of podcast where you at these days. Well people can email me at mas man's or mail dot com or find me on facebook under mas manzoor manala. Charlie here about the show is that we do together. Well yes but there's also the third show which is Was their chair that he did happiness. Darkness these superhero happiness counties. Yeah that's right. Yeah yeah gotcha need.

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