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About that? I think it's not the I wouldn't be happy. It'd be really sad at the cancel it for now. It's still on a go because it's at the end of the day school. Yeah can't really cancel something at the last school like they haven't cancelled camp yet. But there's been rumors going around like everything's been cancelled until like all the fifth graders. We all have like chats. Now since we're on like a month rake amongst while you were like oh my gosh. She's a cancel camp or did they cancelled graduation. Did they cancel list in the Latins? Always back that they did or didn't year. It's probably very nerve wracking thinking about like if they cancel it. Because you don't get to do that every year and like its special like that's probably something you're GonNa Remember yes or at least wermer something about the. That has as you're like. I fully graduation. 'cause you know how there's elementary middle school high school senior finished elementary schools. Denial and get on have three more. Schools are more go but that like dots. Like your first the at your first graduation. You don't WanNa Tyler one of those middle school being like oh my. Gosh is my first graduation in eighth grade. And there's like really didn't have one in fifth grade. Yeah because that's.

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