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That by the way this will not be covered by Bloomberg Bloomberg news because they're not going to cover the news if it negatively impacts Bloomberg I know there's no there's no bias there I get it former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign said it unknowingly utilized to prison laborers through a subcontractor to make phone calls on behalf of the campaign as a nurse in cars are rated at an Oklahoma minimum security women's prison the doctor AT warrior correctional center we're making calls to California on behalf of the Bloomberg campaign let that sink in for a second because this is this is sold leftist progressives did not think about it when we get some up when we get some of those prison babes to call people in California yeah I mean if they're looking for conversation right we don't have to pay him which is the irony and that is truly the irony of the liberal left they do devalue you now lower courts to say I don't know how this happened I added on at the prison labor is disclosed during the call that they were paid for by the multi billionaires campaign but not that they were incarcerated what they were calling from a cell center operated by pro com I knew it would get back to New Jersey I know I know that because I was born there see it all goes back to New Jersey there it is right there so they're in prison in all on second I'm just trying to plot this is Bloomberg is gonna do it Bloomberg news will cover it so they're in in prison in Oklahoma in the in the in the in the Czech block okay Hey I watched oranges is there a black okay so I you know to me Oklahoma minimum security prison and then the cold California and then pro calmly Jersey base form firm utilized by subcontractor for an undisclosed call center vendor working for the bluebird campaign this is perfect this is this is Democrat billionaire politics on steroids the only thing we need in this is like a fresh dossier from us why the hell would really the Bloomberg campaign said it was unaware of the arrangement and it ended its relationship with the subcontractor that had utilized pro com we didn't know about this we never would have allowed it said the we'd we wouldn't have done something like this the Oklahoma department corrections policy documents state that prisoners earn a maximum monthly wage of twenty to twenty seven dollars oh my gosh that's like a liberal arts degree wage right there that's some money but pro con co founder John skeletal the intercept the prison labor is working for his company earn much more than that so they weren't paid so don't feel bad it's not like you know it's not like as Nike sweatshop I think I'm in trouble for saying that but it's not but that just kind of funny now if I was Saturday Night Live okay and I'm not and they don't listen I would do a huge sketch on this I would have you know four five all you know would be awesome eight and and Lauren check this out I can call you aren't call some of the cast members from orange is the new black have them come on into the skit and then have a big Bloomberg sign behind it are you with me right the phones are ringing the phones you know hi thank you for calling the blooper campaign I am Chanel I understand you're in San Bernadino California you know I haven't I haven't seen a man and well this is like doing the Democrat party eight it's good use it take it run with I I just got too much to cover on the Rush Limbaugh show but this will be an opportunity for Saturday Night Live to be funny by the way was very funny last week Eddie Murphy what a lineup that was funny Eddie Murphy my favorite line in Eddie Murphy's monologue he sought this past weekend when he said if someone told me thirty years ago that Bill Cosby would be in prison and I'd be an at home dad with ten kids think about that think about thirty years ago the Cosby show hawks doubles Eddie Murphy the bad boy and now he's he loves me and stayed on that very fun show are let's crack the phones open now that they're all stacked up this is very exciting eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two let's go to John in Cleveland Ohio hi John you're on the Rush Limbaugh show hi there were worries Asian but just for full disclosure I independently consider myself on the on the left and I you disagree with some of Mr trump's policies but I think he is a absolutely and I and other real leftist who I think are totally mistakenly closely equated with the Democrats which I don't believe are left at all I leave there at this point even more right wing than the Republicans with their red baiting bush bashing the card is should witch hunting of Mr trump and anybody who wants doesn't just go along with this new Cold War but now you're now you're getting into and it's a great point and I and I'm eager to hear your your take on this but you're getting into that that deep up classical liberal libertarian conservatism and how it's kind of involved in how over the years the parties of they've redefined everything changed the words around so no one knows who what is but I understand completely because a real leftist as you are John a real liberal real leftist the last thing they would want is some of the behavior that's taking place now the Democrat party yes I've actually seen a let's just say it's like a little research on and others who are absolutely excoriating the Democrats were there right wing witch running against trump on that issue and I think it's a it's a very dangerous thing because on the lives of the sinister elements are behind this attack on drums are does that I think I've been proven to be some of the most dangerous threats to our freedoms and constitutional rights in this country and I dragging it us into these unconstitutional Lunesta murders wars around the world the CIA FBI crime up artist and murder incorporated the military industrial complex which interlocks with the media and is it is it is I think it's the most dangerous threat to our our our freedoms in this country John I I want to thank you I want to thank you for calling you brought up some good points and and let me hit on a couple of because I I agree with you on well it it this is this is why I think trump is going to win by a landslide because of that jet use Johns call as an example that commonsensical clear thinking Americans of which there are many in the Democratic Party in the Republican Party in the in the independent party there are hard working Americans who love the country that out I don't know Johns background but he was candid he was honest and he was speaking the truth in that all these things that are taking place right now it's a page ripped right out of the sixties but the difference is when when the people who are now of college professors and celebrated by the Democrat party were plotting to blow up the FBI or kill police officers in the sixties you know the radical leftist now they're all on board with lying James Comey lying Brendan o'brien is Brandon is a superstar on the left because he hates trump but he was part of and is corrupt we have corrupt elements in the OJ in the FBI and the CIA and it's just an end John pointed it out it's laughable because if this was a sixties it Hillary Elizabeth Warren would be pro testing they be protesting down with the F. B. I. illegal warrants illegal searches FISA must died while blah blah but it's being used against the guy who they don't like and they're like yeah yeah get those wire taps in the trump tower so I think based on John sentiment and I talked to a lot of people that are middle of the road and I saw this two years ago the left is overplayed its hand you've taken there's a lot of people in the Democrat party who are not as conservative as perhaps you are I am but I know a lot of Democrats that are hard working good people pro law enforcement military veterans and their looking at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Nadler going oh my god I got to get away from these people.

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